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Excel 2019 in easy steps-P2P - Releases - 02-12-2019

Excel 2019 in easy steps-P2P

<p><strong>Excel 2019 in easy steps</strong> will help you get to grips with the latest version of this popular spreadsheet application. Areas covered include:</p>
<ul><li>Creating, editing and manipulating worksheets</li>
<li>Formulas, Functions and Pivot Tables</li>
<li>Handy templates to give you a head start</li>
<li>Macros for everyday tasks to save time</li>
<li>Charts to get an overview of your data</li>
<li>Linking workbooks for automatic updates</li>
<li>Using the Excel Online app to share and collaborate on spreadsheets and workbooks</li>
<li>Adding images and illustrations to your spreadsheet to impress your colleagues!</li>
</ul><p>Whether you’re upgrading to Excel 2019 or new to the spreadsheet concept, use this guide to learn the key features constructively and get more out of Excel 2019 – in easy steps!</p>
<p><img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="380" /></p>
<p><strong>Excel 2019 in easy steps-P2P</strong><br />English | ISBN: 1840788216 | February 25, 2019 | EPUB | 192 pages | 19 MB<br /><strong>Download</strong>: <a href="" target="_blank">RAPIDGATOR</a> – <a href="" target="_blank">UPLOADPROPER</a> – <a href=" 2019 in easy steps-P2P" target="_blank">NTi</a></p>
<!--<p class="downloadbtn"><a href=" Excel 2019 in easy steps-P2P" target="_blank"><img src="" width="180" height="65" border="0" alt="Fast download" class="btn" /></a></p>-->

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