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We do not like rules or moderating. Although, some basic respect and etiquette helps everyone have a good personal experience. Please, Read These Rules carefully.


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Keep your language clean Including profanity in your comments is against the rules. If your comment contains foul language, veiled or not, it could be flagged, and if it is flagged, it will be deleted.

Making fun of the dead, injured or humiliated is really, really, low; same goes for wishing harm or death on others So low that we do not allow it on our site. Comments like these poke fun, ridicule or make light of someone who has died, been injured or already been publicly humiliated. Also, comments that wish death or harm on others are juvenile, mean-spirited, and have no place on our site.

Personal attacks, taunts, name-calling, and threats have no place in civil discussion We like civil discussion here, and we DO NOT appreciate it when people attempt to hijack civil discussions. When you make a personal attack against another member in public, you are taking a discussion out of one of ideas and into one of personalities. You are also wasting the time and attention of those who are not involved in your battle. Calling another person names is a sure sign you have no arguments left to make -- DO NOT do it. Bottom line: Keep your comments focused on the issues, not on other commenters or the subjects of stories.

Posting hate / stereotyping / intimidating speech makes this place a worse place to be Comments that stereotype, intimidate or are hateful toward an individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, age, or disability will be removed.


By downloading form this forum you are agreeing to the rules below:

1) The Admin does not make any guarantee or claims that all the tools, scripts or methods in this forum will fully work in your computer. Tools or scripts may differ with the original version that requires unlock code to unlock all the features. The tools or scripts will not work if you did not follow the instructions or your operating system is not suitable to run the program.

2) The Admin does not make or claim that all the tools or scripts in this forum are fully working. The tools or scripts that are not working will be replaced with a newer version that is working. The Admin makes no promise on the duration of which newer version will be uploaded. Newer version will be uploaded when there are updates available.

3) Your are encouraged to post review on any tools, scripts, ideas or methods that you have download and tested to help other members to know if the tools is working or not working. 4)Forum staff are not here to give you support for downloads. If you need support for a product buy from its developer and you will receive support. 5)Download links may or may not work. They will be updated if possible at our own discretion.

Leakers & Leechers will be banned

Leaking links in PM or posting else where will result in permanent ban without warning. (do not fall for the sad story those guys send you in pm, they sent it to 10 other people about different software because they are owner of other sites)  

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