Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I reply to this thread?

The thread is either closed or in the premium section. To reply to threads in the premium section you need to be in the donators group.

How do I join the donator group?

Click upgrade in your forum menu or go directly to this page

I'm new why can't i create threads?

New accounts are unable to create threads a spam prevention measure. After you have made 10 posts you will be able to create threads.

Do you have applications for Mac

99% of the applications here are for windows only.

Can I share things here too?

Yes anyone is welcome to share anything that may be useful to others, please posts in the appropriate sections. Anything that does not fit a category just post it in the freebies section.

Do you allow PPD sites here?

PPD (pay per download) sites are allowed to be used here as long as they do not have surveys or need premium signup to download.

How to Unlock Links

The links are hidden for the simple reason of keeping them alive. 

To unlock links you need to reply to the thread and the link will appear.

1. Locked

2. Reply to post

Content is now unlocked!

How to Hide Content

Links in posts will be hidden automatically.If there is other content you wish to hide in your post it can be done so with the [hide] tags using this button.

Content added inside will be hidden from guests, search engines and users who have not replied to your post.

Hiding content is a good way to protect links or information against scrapers, bots and leechers.