Google Tests Single AMP Icon In Search Results Again

A month ago we caught Google testing a somewhat awkward layout for showing the AMP icon without the AMP text next to it. Shortly after that Google tested the AMP logo in blue with the word Instant next to it. Google is back at testing a single AMP logo or icon, but the user interface

Google Disables AdSense Accounts: Bug Or Cleaning House?

There are many complaints in the Google AdSense Help forums of mass AdSense account disabling over the weekend. Most, if not all, seem to have YouTube hosted accounts and they are getting notices that their accounts were disabled. The notices read: Your AdSense application status As mentioned in our welcome email, we conduct a second

All Group Buy update

Hi, Thank you for support our new Group Buy section. This is the thread to update all of our GB thread with new GB at first. It helps you easier to see new software and their discount on our GB list: 33. [GB] Channel Authority Builder + OTOs You must reply to see this content Thanks.

[GB] Channel Authority Builder + OTOs

Channel Authority Builder GroupBuy Price: $25 (You save 68% more than buying directly from the producer) Launching October 24th Help You Dominate ANY Niche On YouTube Exploit Video Marketing’s Biggest Secrets to Build Your YouTube Channels Authority Powerful Funnel Gets You Top Conversions The perfect tool to help you build authority channels and a lasting business

[GB] WebbyVid

WebbyVid GroupBuy Price: $11 (You save 68% more than buying directly from the producer) WebbyVid is a cloud-based software that lets you instantly turn any web page or online article into a fully fledged video. You heard that right: paste the URL of your site, post or article and WebbyVid will grab the content, let

[GB] VidEngagr + OTOs

VidEngagr + OTOs GroupBuy Price: $14 (Instant Delivery now!) (You save 68% more than buying directly from the producer) Engage your audience like never before.. VidEngagr is a web based SAAS that is allowing users to engage their audience using the power of video guides. It is adding a step by step guide in parallel

Danny Sullivan Spills The Beans On Google RankBrain

So Danny Sullivan now has access to all the Google secrets and he has shared one big one on Twitter last night. He took a photo of the real Google RankBrain for all to see. The cat is out of the bag. I wonder how long it will take Danny to be fired from Google

Google AdWords Rolling Out Support For Parallel Tracking

Google announced they have begun rolling out support for what is called parallel tracking. In short, the user who clicks on the ad goes directly to your landing page, bypassing the redirects of the tracking URLs, but the browser does send the tracking details, behind the scenes, to the ad platform. Google explains it as