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Full Version: Earn $4-15/day, upto 250$/month. *spam*+ hit leap autopilot with payment proof Read
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Hi everyone, Smile

I know its been long since i made the last post but i was trying and testing things. Good news for you all is that those who of you are looking for a d f .l y links were NOT allowed here!!! + hit leap or *spam* + jingling or + hit leap method, i would recommend you to try the method below. The best part about it is that it works with Hit leap Regular also!

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE 4 STEPS. [4 easy steps to get your cash]

1. Click Here to join Hit leap.

2.Now.! register your Earning site here Click here to join

2. Now go to ADFLY and shorten any link and copy it.

3. Login to your hit leap account and add the shortened link under your website heading on hit leap and run the browser.[Using vps is very successful]

4. Now your earnings will increase automatically. no need to do anything.

5. To receive your payment you need to Setup your paypal account and submite it to withdrow money tab in adfly.

*UPDATE 1* You may use jingling to boost up your earning. Just make sure that you set western traffic .

** UPDATE 2** Here's the and adfly payment proof attached checkout the payment proof:

**payment proof ::
[Image: 2014-03-16_002045.jpg]

**Payment proof ::

[Image: 2014-03-16_002008.jpg]

Enjoy Smile

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