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Full Version: [GET] How To Generate Youtube Views On Your Own!
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Quote:What I am going to present on this thread is a very unique method that I thought about and tried for a bit sometime back then.

How I thought about this idea?
I wanted YouTube views and was struggling to find some bot online. None of them working! I found TubeNuker, but it did not work with me. Moreover, to get the Pro version of TubeNuker, you have to fill a stupid survey! I filled it and never get the download link! I was frustrated! anyone could create a thread with an updated version of the tool every time, it would be great as I think it could be a useful tool from what I am reading!)

TubeNuker not working with me... I made some more research and found a great tool. It has been shared I guess! It is ShareYoutubeViews Bot. You can get it here.

The problem with this bot is that credit earning, even though they are automatic, they are limited to a certain amount per day. So once again I got frustrated.

I started reading and asking and people were telling me you will never find a good working bot online because people having it will never release it. Your chances are to buy a bot at XXXXXX$. As you guess, I got frustrated!

I had no revenue to be able to buy myself a bot. So I started thinking. What most of YouTube views enhancer bots have in common? You guessed it : MOBILE VIEWS!!

What I did next?
At the moment I was also getting introduced to automate stuff with iMacros even though I am not an expert. I thought about generating mobile views using iMacros. But how?

I made some research and found an addon for firefox that allows you to change User Agent. This means that your browser will act as a browser on a mobile phone or something other you chose.

You can get the addon here :

Once you have the addon, you change the User Agent to Iphone 3.0 so we will be able to simulate mobile views.

Now... we are almost coming to the end. You need to have iMacros addon! :

The final step is very easy :
1) Go to your youtube video link.
2) Open iMacros and start recording.
3) Press play on your video link.
4) Stop recording.
5) Edit the macro you just recorded. Add at the final line "WAIT SECONDS=30" (Without the "") and save the macro.
6) Loop your macro to get the amount of views you want (loop 1 to 9999 ---> will get you around 9999 views) and press play.
Tube Nuker+ TubeNuker Pro.rar
Tube Nuker+ TubeNuker Pro.rar
Tube Nuker+ TubeNuker Pro.rar
Tube Nuker+ TubeNuker Pro.rar

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