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I want to reveal EVERYTHING that has worked for me in my offline career. I want to debunk ALL the silly hyped up SEO myths that have plagued you. I want to help you rank sites and show you exactly why you've been failing and how to change that starting TODAY and start making a difference in people's lives with your work.

Here is EXACTLY what you will learn when you crack open Super Simple SEO Google+ Local Edition:

* The truth about the citations and why these alone will NOT rank your site like you think they will.
* Where and how to get REAL reviews that will actually be counted and BENEFIT your rankings.
* Why the recent updates have changed keyword selection and the truth about optimizing for local search
* Those, and 30 more myths that will change your SEO career forever.

Super Simple On/Off Site SEO
* Interior page SEO and how to target multiple keywords across your site to expand your reach and explode your traffic.
* A super detailed, dead on explanation of what 'link velocity' really means and why it's CRUCIAL to your success to understand it fully.
* Priceless off-site SEO information from a professional SEO consultant, that works with offline businesses and clients, raking in thousands over and over each month doing SEO.
* And TONS more...

Super Simple Local SEO
* The 9 step system to optimizing your content for local search to trigger more local intent keywords and show up for more areas.
* A detailed local market analysis that will teach you how to reverse engineer your competition's rankings to crush them EVERY SINGLE TIME...
* EVERYTHING you'll ever want to know about citations and reviews along with a premium list of places to get citations from
* The four secret sauces of my SEO career to help skyrocket your rankings and make your sites react when and how you want them to
* The INSTANT 98% converting $497 upsell that you can tack onto almost ANY package to INSTANTLY increase your profits


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