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Full Version: Best Deal Unlimited Facebook Ads Accounts ( Prepaid ) Rental
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wHey guys seems like we changed the game in here a little bit. 
New offer what we provide : 

FOR ONLY - 60$ USD Monthly 
Will provide you :  
  • 1 prepaid ad account FB
  • 3 Free Replacements FB
  • 5$ per replacement after 3 free replacements were used.

This accounts will need prepaid loading, you need to add funds to them to run. 

We accept transfers PAYPAL : 10-11% TAX OVERALL.  Calculation is made on : Amount Sent * 0.9 or 0.89-88 = Amount loaded. ( 100$ sent - 90$ loaded ) . 
Minimum transfer amount : 5$

We accept transfers TransferWise, Bank Transfer. -> Tax Overall 8% ( will go lower soon in future ).
Minimum transfer amount : 50$
  • Loaded money on accounts are not refundable. Facebook is not providing refund.
  • Loading budget in advance if you don't want to send daily. It is refundable if is not loaded on accounts. But will be taxed, because i withdraw all on bank account.



- How i access the advert account  ? 
Send me any profile link on any facebook account that you control, and we connect that 2 account as friends and i transfer you admin access.

- If my adverts are not approved, what i need to do ?
We check what you promoted and we see how we get it done. (BRANDED THINGS MIGHT NOT WORK) Sometimes you will need to change the niche. 

- What's the currency of accounts ? 
Currency of the account is INR, Indian Rupees. 

- Are there any fees ? 
It will be 10% from the Amount you send in USD. I will not charge over paypal fee 10% or something like that. It will be mostly paypal fees and currency conversion the ones that take you 10%.

- I know your service from before what it changed ? 
The tax changed drastically before it was 10% tax after fees that resulted in 20-25% tax overall
Now the tax is 10-11% overall.

- Why you think i should choose this service instead of others ? 
Others load money with 10% tax after fees, that can result if you send 1000$ , you will get loaded 800$.
Here for 1000$ you will get 900$. 

-Can you guide me to earn my first $, or you can guide me at all ? 
I can guide you but i can't be like really intimate with teamviewer and showing step by step, i just can reply to some questions, point you in right direction. I'm mostly good in game hacks that's what i did mostly.

Please watch the video for more understanding.

More Infos :
Skype Contact : alexanderluxury

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