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Full Version: Social Ad Creator Software 1.0.8 - Facebook Image Ads Creator
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Get the NEW Social Ad Creator Software for Quickly Generating
High-Converting Facebook Image Ads in Just Seconds! 
[Image: sac-box-set-1.png] Step 1 - Choose Your Ad SizeSelect the ad type you want to create from the full range of image sizes that Facebook allows, including...
  • Page Post Engagements
  • Clicks To Website, Optimize For Conversions, or App installs
  • Page Post Engagements
  • Video View Thumbnails
  • Carousel Ad Images
[Image: social-ad-creator-sizes-small.png] 
[Image: social-ad-creator-templates.png]
  Save your best designs to your own built-in library for easy re-use in future ad campaigns.Step 2 - Choose your "FB Optimized" TemplateScroll through the massive template library for your chosen ad size and select a high-converting template.

Get over 800+ templates based on winning ad designs and reverse engineered niche research!

Easily edit any element of any template with an easy-to-use drag and drop editor. Step 3 - Easily Customize In Seconds!Drop in graphics from the categorized library and edit text as you need!

Get a HUGE library of over 1,000 royalty free graphicsorganized into 8 easy-to-navigate categories that you can use in your ads in just seconds!

Plus, insert & edit text from a huge built-in list of fonts and upload your own images to build up your own customized library of graphics.
[Image: social-ad-creator-graphics-2.png]
  Also get the built-in text space checker to stay below the 20% text and within Facebook's terms & services. 
[Image: social-ad-creator-exporting.png]
Now you can quickly PUMP out ad variations to optimize your facebook ad campaigns for the highest possible conversions!Your Done - Export Your Facebook Image Ad!When you're happy with your design click export and your ad image is done and ready for your FB campaign!

Export high-quality JPEG or PNG image formats for full high-resolution image ads!

Use the "Size Swap" feature to duplicate your design for other ad sizes helping you create fast split-tests for your fb ads. 
[Image: sac-assets-1.gif]
PLUS, Get 500+ EXTRA Ad TemplatesTo sweeten the deal even more, we are including an additional EXTRA 500+ facebook ad templates that are optimized for high-converting ad campaigns.

Simply import the extra templates into the software and their ready-to-go! Here's what Social Ad Creator can do for you... 
[Image: social-ad-creator-box-big-600.png]
Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have the ability to instantly create a variety of high quality, high converting ad graphics for your campaigns to split test for better conversions and increased ROI?
  • Easily create eye catching, clickable, high converting Facebook ad graphics for every ad type and size in just minutes!
  • Access over 800 'Conversion Hacked' templates across a wide range of niches ready for you to use right now
  • 1000+ extra marketing graphics to customize your ad templates for creating fresh creatives, boosting engagement and reduce ad fatigue!
  • Stop wasting money and waiting days for expensive freelance designers to deliver your ad designs!
  • Easy-to-use beautifully organized software that works on both Mac and Windows computers
  • See which ads convert best with your target audience by effortlessly and scientifically split-testing your ad images!
  • Instantly revive tired ad campaigns with fresh, high converting ad creatives to keep the clicks, conversions and sales rolling in daily.!8TJSCQTR!CZzAJWjOu4AnI...44arZK5W5g

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