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Full Version: VIRALPICS PRO LAtest Cracked
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VIRAL IMAGES In Facebook Marketing!Here's A Sneak-peek of How Powerful Images Can Be[Image: fb-mockup-1.png]WE PRESENT TO YOU!
[Image: viralpicsbox.png]GET INSTANT ACCESS TO VIRALPICSLet me ask you -- What catches your eye most on Facebook when you scroll through your feed?You guessed right. It's viral photos, often with quotes or messages. They spread like wildfire across profiles and pages, attracting everyone's attention like 'Powerful Magnets'!C'mon how many times have YOU scrolled through Facebook and found your eye caught by an intersting image… And you ended up sharing it too!And more often than not, you even go back to the source page, scan it for more such photos & quotes and start following the page by 'Liking' it.Images Have A COMPELLING, HYPNOTIC PowerNope, I'm not stalking you and I sure can't see what you're up to online. It's just that this is everyone's story, even mine! I found myself totally hooked to such pages. Then one day it suddenly struck me…If I spend this kind of time contributing to traffic on SOMEONE ELSE'S PAGE, why don't I take this and turn it into a TRAFFIC CHURNER for my own business on Facebook?So I created a product and a strategy that would let me get UNLIMITED Viral Images for the rest of my life!Let Us Show You The Regular Method FirstThis Is What I Call DONKEY WORK!I mean think about it. Start with finding some really good photos. Good, decent shots online, Make sure there's no copyright infringement, ensure they're acceptable quality and then process them.Select a great quote that's generic and works mostly for everyone, work through stylizing fonts and applying them on the photo, then design a border you like with a color coding that matches your photograph, then apply your branding logo…I bet you're exhausted just from reading it. Doing it is even tougher It'd be easier too get a dog to speak French.We know because we've been through it! We've been there, done that and and created a better way!SO LET US MAKE THIS REALLY SIMPLE FOR YOU!This is an incredibly easy, brain dead simple software that makes your Facebook page the Mecca for traffic and leads in just 4 simple steps.
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