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Full Version: Earn BTC Automaticly while Sleeping! NO MINING!!
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Hello, this is my first post, so i will share my Method how i get Bitcoins Smile

[Image: d5Nedab][Image: d5Nedab.png]
First go to: HERE (use this link u will get bonus!)
Than put in your Wallet IT Smile And i will be loading automaticly
Every  2hours claim your btc 
While waiting you can do offer.
Survey etc. U will get per Survey 10.000 - 120.000 Satoshis! And this within 3 min!!

Method 2:
Go to: HERE ( use this link u will get bonus!)
Than claim your btc every hour!
Put all in earned btc to lottery u will get up to 5 BTC!!!! 
I won last year 0,5 BTC with only 1.000 Tickets Smile But BTC / EUR was only 1 BTC - 700€ Now 5,600€

Method 3: 
For me the best Method:
Go here: HERE <--- If u use this link u will get bonus for me. 2.000 Credits!
This is a game u have your own Pub Smile Its really funny!!!!

Method 4:
Go here: HERE
And mine bitcoin scroll down and mine bitcoin
PayOut is every 1 day Smile 
So i mined 1 Day automaticly ( Go down and click Start Mining!  )
I got 0,001 BTC and 1000 Dogecoin and 0.1 Litecoin!! 
On the highes CPU and 3 Threads!

If i got more methods i will inform you Smile
Pls give me a thanks and + reps! 
thank you

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