Yoast SEO v19.0.1 Premium WordPress Plugin

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Yoast SEO Premium Plugin is unarguably the leading SEO plugin for WordPress. It is available in two options; the free and the premium version.
The free Yoast SEO works fine on all websites to solve primary SEO challenges but requires upgrading to the premium version if you want to taste the other unique features it offers.

Further, when installed on your website, Yoast Plugin requires you to open the configuration wizard to properly set up the plugin and automatically create a sitemap during the process.
Besides, the plugin adds its interface to your editor to write your articles to meet SEO standards and set up one focus keyword you want your writing to rank for on search engines.
Yoast allows editing of post titles and descriptions for search engines display. You can choose to modify your post title to appear differently on the search engine result page.

Also, you can quickly feel what your webpage looks like on search results right there before you attempt publishing your post. All this and many more are made available in the free version.

Some Important Features of the Latest Yoast SEO Premium Plugin
1. Social Media Preview
It allows you to peek at how your post is displayed when shared on social media websites. Also, it allows you to add different featured images to be attached to the websites.
2. Redirection Manager
This feature helps redirect old URLs to new ones to prevent page not found (404) errors on your website. A quick notification is usually displayed on top of your website, reminding you to redirect to a new URL whenever you delete a post.

3. Internal Linking Suggestions
Yoast SEO Premium lets you scan your post and suggest internal links that best fit your new article while you write on your editor. You can quickly select some of the posts suggested and include them in your writing to improve your SEO score.
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4. Multiple Focused Keyword
Yoast SEO Premium allows you to add up to 5 keywords for every post you publish, unlike the free version that lets you add just a single keyword. This will enable you to add multiple related keywords for better optimization.
5. Orphaned Content Filter
The feature adds all posts not linked to any other articles on your website and adds them to a tab tagged “Orphaned Content” when you view all posts. This allows you to take note of such posts and find a way to link them to subsequent publish you make.

6. Cornerstone Content filter
The Cornerstone Content filter keeps you updated with the list of your post and pages with the highest rank.
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What's new in the v19.0?
  • Added word form support for Italian.
  • Improves word form recognition of short French words.
  • Sets the minimum supported WordPress version to 5.6.
  • Improves the way keyphrases containing words ending in -ent is recognized in the text.
  • It fixes a bug where other sites in the same network overwrote .htaccess redirects in a multisite.
  • Fixes a bug where the replacement variables coming from Yoast SEO WooCommerce were not replaced correctly in the Social Previews.
  • Adds a feedback link underneath the focus keyphrase input field to allow users to report problems with keyphrase recognition for languages with rudimentary morphology support.
  • Improves security for AJAX routes used in the social previews.
  • It fixes a bug where the buttons in several notifications didn't work.
  • Fix also includes every other change done in Yoast SEO v19.0 free version.
  • It also includes every other change done in Yoast SEO v19.0 free version.
  • Upgrades the automatic installation of Yoast SEO to install Yoast SEO v19.0.
  • Yoast SEO Premium now requires Yoast SEO to be installed and activated. The first time you upgrade to Yoast SEO Premium 19.0, Yoast SEO 19.0 will automatically be installed and activated for you.
  • Fixed a bug wherein rare cases incorrect usage of 
     could lead to inaccurate SEO data.
  • It also fixes a bug where invalid breadcrumbs would show PHP warnings.
  • It fixes a bug where a fatal error would be thrown when a post ancestor was not indexable.
  • Hides the ‘deactivate’ button for Yoast SEO on the Plugins page, as long as Yoast SEO Premium is active because Yoast SEO Premium cannot function properly without Yoast SEO. When Yoast SEO Premium is deactivated, the ‘deactivate’ button for Yoast SEO will reappear.

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