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Yellow Leads Extractor 1.9.0 Cracked
Yellow Leads Extractor[Image: yle-box.png]Yellow Leads Extractor  is the new and powerful tool designed to extract data from the yellow pages of different countries (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, etc.) and from the Italian white pages (through source). Below we want to show the simplicity of use of this extractor that will allow you to collect data related to your potential customers. The data that Yellow Leads Extractor can capture are: name / company name, address, city, postcode, country, telephone, fax, email address, website, map link, link details. If the email address is not on the yellow pages website, the software can scan the company's website for an "official" email address.Click below on the " Download Trial " button to download the free demo version of Yellow Leads Extractor: With the demo version you can see how the program works and view the first 35 data captured by the program for each search. The export in the demo version is disabled and only with the purchase of the license is enabled (the export takes place in an Excel or CSV file )After installing and opening the program you will see this initial screen:[Image: yellowpages-1024x623.png]In the central screen of the program there are all the sites of yellow pages supported by the program for the capture of data. For white pages you will have to click on the source (in this regard, read how to extract white page data ).For the yellow pages you can click on the desired source (eg for Italy ) and the program screen will open with the selected yellowpages site:[Image: yle22-1024x681.png]Now you will have to perform these 3 simple steps:Step 1. Perform the desired searchWithin the program, in the yellow pages search boxes, perform the search you want (eg Hotel in Rome)[Image: yle33.png]After entering the keyword and the desired location click on the lens button to load the first page with the search results.Step 2 . Data captureOnce the program opens the page with the results of the search, click on the CAPTURE button to capture all the data on both the first page and all the other pages ( Yellow Leads Extractor is able to automatically open all the other pages of the results to capture data from each of them).During the data capture you will see below all the results that you can then extract and export to your PC (in Excel or CSV):[Image: yle44-1024x657.png]Step 3. Export the data to the PCTo export the data found in the program, first click on the SELECT button  and then on the red EXPORT button  .If you are using the trial version of Yellow Leads Extractor you will see the following warning: to capture and extract the data you need to purchase the license of the full version of the software.[Image: yle55.png]By clicking on YES you will be able to access the license purchase page. Once the purchase is made, you will immediately receive, via email, the unlock code that will allow you to remove all the limitations of the demo version. Yellow Leads Extractor settingsBy accessing the Settings (Settings) of the program you can make customizations and configure the tool as you wish. Here is the first settings screen:[Image: yle-settings1.png]The settings that can be changed on this first screen ( Date ) of the settings are as follows:a) program interface language (Italian, English, French, etc.)b) data to show in the table of the results of the program and the columns to export to your PC (for example, you can decide to export only emails or only phone numbers)c) Options for deciding whether to extract emails from company websites or notd) Output file format (CSV or EXCEL). In the case of CSV format you can also decide the column separator (comma, semicolon) and the coding.By clicking on the CONNECTION tab at the top , this other settings screen will open:[Image: yle-settings2.png]The parameters in this screen are useful if you want to "hide" your IP (especially if you use a fixed IP) to prevent the site of yellow pages to block access and then to limit the extraction of data. Here are the possible solutions to this problem:a) Use of a VPN program to protect the IP (we recommend the HideMyAss service that allows you to change IP also dynamically)b) Do not use proxy or VPN but set a random delay (in seconds) between the different requests (it will slow down data extraction)c) Use single proxy (you will have to obtain the data a proxy with relative IP server, port and possible user and password)d) Use random proxies (to be entered manually) or a list of free proxies (we have already included some in the program)

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