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[b][Image: CPA_PPD_Niche_Method_wwwpremiumleakin-1.png]

[b][font][font]2018 UPDATE

[Image: p-1.png]

Maximize your earnings with PPD/CPA viral Scripts.

These Scripts Helps you To Go Via Viral, All You Need is To Have minimum Knowledge of Applying The Widget Code in the script and know get FB app id ,If you These You Can Earn simply $100 without any efforts.

I am going to share a pack of 15 viral scripts which you can use in CPA (content locking) or PPD. These scripts are made for the ever-green and hot PPD niches. These scripts are money making machines. I managed to earn $2000 in one week by just using one script from the pack. 

Having a good landing page is very important if you want to get some real results. A bad landing page is directly related to low conversions and then low earnings. People will prefer to download something from a good looking site than a simple blogspot blog with a simple template. It is very important to have different landing pages for each niche. 

These scripts are basically related to game CD Keys and in-game currency giveaways. All the important niches are being covered like GTA V beta key script, PSN code script, Microsoft points script etc.

CPA/PPD Viral Scripts Pack

Here are The Scripts:
1. Free Roit Codes
2. Facebook Share Script
3. Download Page Template
4. Xbox Live
5. Roit Codes |V.2.0|
6.Battlefield 4
7.Halo 5
9.Call Of Duty Advance
10.PSN Codes
11.Skyrim Beta
12.League of Legends Viral
13.GTA:5 (Resistance)
14.Facebook Password Hack Fake Script
15.[Hot]PPD Niche Giveaway With Website - Unsaturated New 2014

You will get all of the 15 scripts in the pack. In the list, the GTA V CD Key script was the script which made me $2000 in one week. The potential of this niche is unlimited. 

How to Use: 
You will need a domain and a hosting account. Just upload the files to your server and remember to change the links to your PPD or link locker link. Most of the scripts includes a viral step like "Press like" to unlock the download and "share our site on Facebook" to ensure a never ending flow of free traffic to your site. So also change the Facebook page link and other stuff too. 

How To Get : Because i have worked too hard to get (Filled Too much Surveys) one script per survey, iam going to give you these 15 PPD/CPA pack with just one survey to filled by you. isn't this good. atleast me also want to earn some extra.

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