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Ultimate Image Scraper
[Image: UltimateImageScraper.png]

Multi-Threaded - Allows Up To 100 Simultaneous Threads
Supports All Image Types, Including Animated GIF's
Supports Scraping & Ripping Via HTTP Proxies (Including User/Pass Authenticated Proxies)
Includes Duplicate Image Remover Tool (File Hash Check)
Allows For Token Usage In File Download Folder & File Name Format
Allows For Custom Site Search Via Google Image Search (site: keyword)
Full Process Reporting Log Available
Automatic Update Checking

Google Image Scraper
Bing Image Scraper
Pinterest Scraper
WeHeartIt Scraper
Flickr Scraper
DeviantArt Scraper
ImageShack Scraper Scraper Scraper Scraper Scraper Scraper Scraper Scraper Scraper

Download link :

Password : [email protected]

PS : I forgot about the login btw you can do this. Open notepad and copy paste this code

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\BlackHatToolz\textboxes]

after that save it as anyname.reg and select save as All files(*.*) to save it. Double click the anyname.reg to register the program.

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