Torpedo Traffic Generator Ultimate 8.1 Cracked

Torpedo Top Features

Direct and Organic Traffic
Select the traffic you like, the real organic traffic or direct traffic type

Search Keywords
You can provide the keywords suitable for your sites to bring traffic from Search Engines.

Multi-Device Sources
Traffic from desktop and mobile devices supported. Customize for various Operating Systems and web browsers.

Campaign Traffic
Allows you to run multiple advertising campaigns and get traffic from that

Referral Traffic
Get referral traffic from multiple sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or from the site you provide.

Advanced Scheduler
Schedule your traffic in advance. Schedule for one time, hourly, daily or weekly basis.

A web site is said to be popular over the Internet, it needs to appear in the front of search results. Torpedo provides different modes to generate traffic to optimize your website to bring in the front page of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

General Traffic Modes
The traffic modes helps you to quickly changes traffic characteristics. This will configure traffic automatically based on your requirements. For example, if your website is getting higher bounce rate, using "Min bounce rate" option can quickly lower the bounce rate.

Special Traffic Modes
The special traffic mode is optimized to provides higher session duration. The surfing mode is an outstanding feature which provide the effect of user browsing through different pages in your web site.

Torpedo is a user friendly application to support both normal users and advanced users. The default settings support beginners to improve website ranking and SERPS optimization. Various settings and switching options allows user to make advanced customization.

Proxy Switching
Helps you to switch traffic reception from various location in the world. It controls how often the location switching needs to be done. The filtering option helps you to select high quality proxy IPs, which avoids malicious traffics.

Platform Switching
Generates traffic from multiple platforms you select. Torpedo supports selecting device type, Operating Systems, Web browsers, screen resolution etc. as traffic sources.

[Image: torpedo_seo_general_traffic.png]

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