The Advanced Content Marketing Tips from Niel Patel

Neil Patel, one of the world's most well-known digital marketers, is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics. He works with some of the world's biggest companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, and Viacom to grow their revenue. Hailed by the Wall Street Journal as a 'top influencer on the web', Neil's helped bring in billions of dollars for his clients, and now, he's going to share with YOU how to grow your income online and create yourself a financially-secure future. He'll reveal...
  • The PROVEN content-marketing strategies all types of websites can use to drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website. (One blog using this exact strategy grew to over one MILLION unique visitors per month) ...

  • The simple tools to research a niche CORRECTLY if you're starting a brand-new blog website... and how you can find ultra-profitable 'gaps in the market' when you use these free tools...

  • Why 80% of readers will NEVER get past the headline of your blog posts... and a little 'trick' to get the odds back in your favour and make sure potential customers ARE reading your content...

  • The simple 6-step formula for creating an attention-grabbing headline. (Use this, and you can 10X your headline's performance!) ...

  • What readers really want you to write about... and how to solve their pain, problems, and questions in 1000 words or less...

  • Why a lack of consistency is the reason most websites fail to gain the traffic they need in order to profit... and how to determine exactly how many posts to write each month to ensure your market PAYS ATTENTION to you and your site...

  • Why email marketing should be utilized by EVERY content marketer running a website or blog. Hint: It's a LOT easier than you think... if you know how. Head straight to the 'email marketing' section to learn more...

  • How to quickly get your website visitors to join your mailing list... WITHOUT taking them 'off site', or having them go through multiple pages in order to sign up...

  • How to manage your new email list... including how many emails to send, WHAT to send, and even WHEN to send! PLUS: Get access to a FREE email-template, proven to convert readers into buyers...

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