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Simpel Audiens 4.21 X Version Cracked - BEST FACEBOOK LEAD SCRAPER
[Image: p27cl0f01xmzfn2hcotx.png]"Easy Way To  Get The Right Audience To Explode Sales  In The Shortest Possible Time!"
 T elah  Used More than 3,500 Internet Marketer Different Countries[Image: wjqai9al2klrbrfyopqv.png]No Tools as Simple as it is , Reaching  
Potential Consumer Potential from Facebook With 
Just  3 Easy Steps! 

Getting the Right Audience in Short Times! 

Then How SimpleAudiens Explode Your
Sales ? 
Absolutely SIMPLE Just 3 Easy Steps:  [Image: dk5qdwyucdtbhozpv6q1.gif][Image: dk5qdwyucdtbhozpv6q1.gif]  How Fast and Easy It Is Done [Image: afhrahm0fszzdsuafb5j.jpg]Great Software SIMPELAUDIENSUse SIMPELAUDIENS and See How easy it is to collect all the fish in a small pond The next "Custom Audience" can be easy and fun. 

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If the fish has run out, we can easily cloning with "Look Alike Audience" then Facebook will automatically give the new fish the most identical / same online behavior with "sample data" we give. 

 How Easy Fishing in a Fishy Pond![Image: hxdp1mwmkfdqvdwv927f.png][Image: prklmqhyzo4wagvrv0ly.jpg]CUSTOM AUDIENCE.M arouses audience itself is based on a database such as email and no.telp, you can easily create custom audience, by entering the email list or no.telp into Custom Audience feature, then Facebook will immediately detect anyone Audienece you based on the database. 

So this allows you to target the target audience exactly according to the data you have.LOOK A LIKE AUDIENCE.This latest feature is able to expand your Audience count more automatically, facebook will look for new audience who have similar character / identical, based on online activities and demography (according to model data) so as to reach new prospective customers more broadly. 

If you already have email and no.telp data, then you can develop the number of Audience using LookLight Audience Feature.[Image: llkqgujoo3mpzja2jox1.jpg]In addition there are many other Promotional Ways that you can Do 
using Email data, No Phone and UID facebook you get ...... Used More Than  3,500  Internet  
Marketers  from Various Countries in the World! 
SIMPELAUDIENS Simple Digging Consumers Who 
Have Interest & High Interest At Anything You Sell
  • 0DAYS
  • 13HOURS
  • 49MINS
  • 29SECS
LIMITED OPPORTUNITY HAS NOW!Very Easy, Everything Done as easy as  "1..2..3"You no longer need to waste a lot of time, effort and advertising costs, just to try out the right audience for the product you are marketed, because it's all done straight away With just 3 Easy Steps to use SIMPLE AUDIENS -   

Direct Getting Audience THAT EASY![Image: eeniwgzwhthvdvpgae39.jpg][Image: owp43kduz4eapbthyean.jpg]Guessing the untargeted market is  BONCOS!  Target consumer target with  SimpelAudiensGuessing an untargeted market ... BONCOS

Do not Waste - Waste Your Time and Money Just To Pay Advertisements To Those Who Are Not Interested In The Products & Services You Offer! .... just collect the Target Consumers Candidates who have a higher interest only, using SimpelAudiens ..Over  400 Internet Marketers  Involved ! In this SIMPELAUDIENS Development ..[Image: repgr3rnzmmdvq101tw6.jpg]Hear directly all of the constraints faced by more Practitioners Facebook Marketing and find a way out, 
is the Idea Best us to know the real problem and Creating Answers, which can overcome 
all the obstacles the Facebook Advertiser with SIMPELAUDIENS this 

More than 400 practitioners Facebook Marketing in group SimpelAudiens have help us Develop this software, 
 through inputs and suggestions, so it becomes a Best Solution for all Facebook Ads Actors ..  2204 Contact TERTARGET under 5 Minutes

Wuih .... very easy !! but only use 1 feature that is based on the keyword to get 2204 contact either name, email & phone number. Can also use keyword overseas market lho: D

Cool again, can also BUY only orang2 who interact (engagement) with our fanpage postings. 
 Be cool right? This of course can be one powerful tool for list building. 
Stay used for your sales promotion. 

Suitable for temen2 who are still beginner in efbe ads or other paid advertising 
so that can be used first for list building according to your target market ..

Yusuf Hadi Suseno PutroThis is one of the FB tools that I'm waiting for ..
This is one of the FB tools that I wait ..  and finally I have Once uploaded up UID msh bs done, really nice we dlm make Custom Audience targeted. Tp stelah gk can again ... jd rather difficult to have a targeted CA. 

Finally, now make Custom Audience who targeted bs done lg dg help SimpleAudiens. I get jd bs get the "original" email from Facebook users who then upload it to FB Ads manager for jd Custom Audience targeted my bs target my ad. Do not be surprised klo out this you mgkin going to often see my ad on FB, mgkn you already jd part in my Custom Audience web .. hehehe 

Maghfur Amin - Internet MarketerTime to Seize Your Customers! ...
  Simpleaudience, this tool will harm you, if until your competitors have used first. 
 You may be busy building customer interactions through FB group or FB fanpage. 

But with this tool, your competitors will be very easy,
seize your customers As easy as the name Simple Audience. 

So ... It's time you also use this tool. 

Moh. Tamam Qodari 
CampusIM.Com MembershipWhat is needed can be accommodated the same nih tools ....

4 FACTS in simpelaudiens,
- Easy to use
- What is needed can be accommodated the same tools nih, original email, no HP, yahh on tau own if you have no HP, Real email, can without ads for PROMOTION, blast WA, blast Email
- Create who want ngandalin FB as a means of promotion, this tool can make a step ahead of before, the important way pakenya wise and right on target. 

Hendri Setiawan - Facebook Adsviser Practitioner [Image: gdi3timijsrokgycopmd.jpg]This software will help you to get Highly Targeted Leads from Facebook,  
Build a Real Audience and in any Niche you can imagine! 
SSimpelAudiens Latest Version X

This SimpleAudiens software can Explore Potential Audiences Target, Directly from all Groups and FansPage, by menscrape
Based on PERSONAL DATA with Filter by Like, Share and Comment in Facebook Groups and FansPage[Image: lslpwmm6mdzvsqnm25s9.jpg]Menscrape data on All FansPage and Facebook Groups, No exception The Secret Group was done very easily  HAVE IT NOW![Image: mcskl2vrj9zg68p9uknx.jpg]Easily Cultivate Potential Consumer Potential to Custom Audience Using this software. See SimpleAudiens Accelerating Work So

you'll never have to worry about running list of 
potential prospects / potential consumers of FB[Image: enjfft9ftzye2zzxxnbs.jpg]So Fast SimpelAudiens Gives Potentia Potentia Potential Data from Facebook 
More Practical without Ever Worry Running of Data Consumer Candidates from Facebook  How to Advertise Using Simple DataAudiences [Image: oyzqtuwtv4mxue3fapgj.jpg]Video Here's How To Easily Use Simple DataAudiensTo Advertise on Facebook 
Very Fast and Easy in Creating the Right Target with High Sales Conversions  Dig in all Fanspage & Secret Group though [Image: iqssdbhw4dur47fbzcjm.jpg]Nothing else can be hidden from you, as SimpelAudiens digs up to 
the Membership Group, Closed and Confidential Even with easy data [Image: un7lnna6tbumch5a6kvk.jpg]One of the features of SimpelAudiens is to Convert your UID data to Email and No.Telp .CAN BE USED FOR ANY WAY YOUR PROMOTION!SimpelAudiens for What else besides Facebook Ads?In the video below is still using the view of the Old Version V.1.0 SimpelAudiens[Image: eth4tjv8advwgoxrslji.jpg] HAVE IT NOW!Online Promotion has never been this easy ....Recommendation really, because online promotion has never been easier ... this 
time it can really feel the result of promotion in social media, 
because so far like not much effect. But this is really easy and different!Dian Pramita - Makeup Artist BandungIncrease Sales in a short time ....

Andalan really use this software to get hundreds of times the prospect 
in a very short time through facebook, much cheaper than fishing
Prospect through the exhibition in the Mall, .... just practical and everything can be done at home . 

Victor Marpaung - Marketing Toyota Extract group that has 160 thousand members.Extract group that has 160 thousand members less than an hour. It's ready  
and the result thousands of emails and phone numbers. 
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 - Internet Marketer MalaysiaStay looking for a customer that fits the target ....

Okay banget simple audience it ....
Nice yes ... Can search target market easily ... Want to advertise FB also more comfortable, just find the appropriate customer with the target market wear Simple audience. 
Abdul Mughits - Internet Marketer UPDATE VERSION 4  

SimpelAudiens Version 4  
More  Powerful ! 
Free  Updates for all MembersDownload Now! Software Required For All Facebook Advertiser

You no longer need to waste a lot of time, effort and advertising costs, just to try - try to get the right audience
according to the product you are marketed, because all that can be done directly with just 3 Easy Steps
using SIMPLE AUDIENS - Get the Right Audience Right![Image: yh4tl0xsde6oxzcjqr9y.png]WE HAVE BEEN 
THE MARKETING SOFTWARE OFFER THAT YOU MUST HAVE IMMEDIATELY![Image: ov8legrcu3zeaw6q0j8x.png]SimpelAudiens + Update Software
You can directly use this "SIMPLE AUDIENS" Software to Dig Millions of Potential Consumer Potents for Your Product ... as much as you need! 

Complete with support and updates , in one payment without Monthly cost or cost - more, Just Use and Generate Sales as much as possible!

[Image: mypsha0zg4zjmhwxiqld.jpg]

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