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Scott Oldford – Leadcraft Masterclass-Facebook Ads
[Image: d53e303a-lcmm-series-fb-ads-logo-v2-w-ta...000000.png]Want to start profiting with Facebook Ads?Watch over “my shoulder” for 6 weeks as I show you the tactics, strategies and methods that I’ve used to grow a multi-million dollar company (and that I’ve used to help grow a LOT of other companies)HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT:WEEK 1
  • Understand the basics behind Facebook and ensure you’re ready to actually run ads using your advertising account.
  • Understand the structure’s of campaigns and how to use the 3-Lane Method within your online advertising for success.
  • Develop your 3 Lane Strategy and your 4-Part Advertising Pyramid, giving you an insane advantage over the competition when launching your campaigns.
  • Setup and develop your audiences based on your own unique unfair advantages.
  • Setup and develop your customer conversions, allowing you to properly track and ensure that you’re ready for success.
  • Ensure that your online marketing funnel is fully ready to have ads deployed and your messaging and funnel flow allows for maximized ROI.
  • Develop your budget, understand your Green Lights and ensure that you’ll create a Financial Success Program Overview, allowing you to know exactly what we’ll be covering across the 6 weeks of the program
  • Understanding advertising copy, messaging and how it aligns with buyer mindsets.
  • Setup of Image-Based Conversion Ads and development of your 3 main lead generation campaigns.
  • Setup of your high-impact, low cost retargeting lead generation campaigns.
  • Setup and development of your budget distribution strategy.
  • Setup of your unique reach campaigns and retargeting.
  • Setup of audience segmentation and Green Light Distribution.
  • Launch of your first Facebook Ads.
  • First level optimization and assessment of advertising.
  • Budget distribution for lanes.
  • Planning and development of your Advertising Pyramid.
  • Development and launching of Lead Ads and Video Ads based on real-time market feedback.
  • Audience segmenting, analysis and optimization Q&A #1.
  • Deeper analysis and data action.
  • Development of audience and Awareness Ads.
  • Launch of Advertising Pyramid.
  • Development of Like Campaigns for higher-engagement.
  • Development of Page Post Engagement Campaigns, allowing you to create more attention and awareness with your audience.
  • Development of Video View Campaigns, allowing you to be omnipresent with your audience.
  • Creative types deep dive, allowing you to use types that make the most sense for your brand.
  • Brand voice and using Open Looping and storytelling.
  • Deeper optimization and audience split testing.
  • Profitability and ROI time periods.
  • Sale Ads using images, canvas, video and pre-selling.
  • Campaign optimization, and duplication.
  • Budget scaling and advanced tactics.
  • Advanced retargeting and Micro-Targeting.
  • Budget Cycling and Funnel Stacking.
  • Audience Cycling.
  • Final overview.

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