Proxy or IP

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I have about a dollar to my name right now, does anyone know of any YouTube Video that shows how to make a Proxy from the IP of the computer you use? Or know of a good proxy service that costs only 1 dollar per residential ip?
Yea so I wasted an entire day trying to look up methods that route your VPS traffic through your home network. I'm pretty stumped and defeats the purpose of using the tools in the first place.

It's days like these that consist of most of my IM life and have legit wasted years not finding solutions to problems then switching to different methods that don't work for me.

I clearly can't use Jarvee on home PC. My Internet browsing historyis full of terms like " route vps traffic through home network " self hosting vpn" etc. This is where the anixety gos up my spine and the hemroids set in from sitting and not finding a solution. Wanting to turn my own home IP into residential IP to be used with VPS seems to be impossible.