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Promoting With Pinterest by Gael Breton
Gael Breton is a successful online entrepreneur and SEO expert who's built an impressive name for himself since starting an internship at an Australian SEO agency back in 2008. Gael consistently looks to refine the most effective SEO strategies, and has recently been focusing on driving laser-targeted traffic to websites using Pinterest.
  • Why Facebook marketing is one of the worst ways to promote your business unless you're a giant company with BIG budgets... and how Pinterest is a MUCH better alternative...

  • Why Pinterest users are much more likely to make a purchase than those on Facebook... and how to leverage this buying trend to your business' advantage....

  • How to drive 1000 'on-demand', happy-purchase customers to your site every single day using Pinterest for FREE... and in less than 5 minutes a day...

  • The non-invasive marketing tactics to join hundreds of Pinterest boards and groups... without looking like a desperate spammer...

  • How to target hundreds of 'sub-audiences' and drive these leads direct to your website. (It's a LOT easier than you think, and doesn't cost thousands in advertising) ...

  • Why your competitors have already done half your research for you ... and the simple technique to 'spy' on their Pinterest campaigns (allowing you to come along and cripple them) ...

  • Easy techniques to scale your advertising campaigns and make a LOT more sales! (Use these little-known tools and tactics and it's fully-automated) .

download the book here

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