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Posting Tips for ScrapeBox Users
Quote:Tip 1: ScrapeBox's Configuration Settings for Optimum Performance

10+ Private proxies (private proxies are a MUST if you want those high-end success rates)
80 Connections Using SB's Fast Poster
40 Connections to Check Links Using SB's Link Checker
A 90 Second timeout for both Fast Poster and Link Checker

Tip 2: Enable ScrapeBox's 'Randomize URLs for Poster'

If you forget to set this, the servers you are posting to may think they are being DDOS attacked and could block your comments from being posted on their domain (and will return as "failed" result). You can find this setting under the main "Options" tab. If you see a "tick" next to it, it is enabled!

Tip 3: Repost to Failed Blogs for Higher Success % Rates

After the first round you will get much more 'success' links posted. Believe it or not, usually up to 25% of the "failed entries" are successfully posted the second time round. Save all "failed" entries (Blogs_Failed.txt) into a file exactly the same way you'd save the "success" entries (Blogs_Posted.txt). Then, upload the "failed" entries file and do another round of posting.

Keep in mind that ScrapeBox isn't always 100% accurate, we recommend to ignore ScrapeBox's stat box in the corner. Sometimes the software will return a "failed" result even when your backlink HAS successfully appeared on the blog. In fact, here's a little test you can do to prove it to yourself.

Next time, before second round of posting to the failed blogs, go ahead and upload the file into SB's Link Checker. To your surprise, you WILL find your backlink appears as "successfully posted" even though this file is supposed to contain the list of blogs that rejected your comment.

Tip 4: Do a Quick Round of Link Checker on "Links Not Found"

Save all "failed" entries (LinksNotFound.txt) into a file exactly the same way you'd save the "LIVE" entries (LinksFound.txt). Then, upload the "failed" entries file and do another round of Link Checker.

Just like with SB's Fast Poster, you will find that your backlink DOES appear on a few blogs that are supposed to be dead (or at least, blogs that are supposed to have rejected your comment).

Tip 5: Ditch ScrapeBox's Generated Names - Use a Keyword Instead for Higher % Rates

Remember that thousands upon thousands of SB users use these same random name generated files, so you will find most of the names have been blacklisted. If you want the highest success rates, you must avoid the random name generator like the PLAGUE and only use the other half of the tool (random email generator). And anyway, when reading a blog, how many times do you see the poster display their full name? For example "John Smith" Now how many times do you see nicknames things, like "Disco Dave?" Simply think of a unique anchor that is unlikely to have been used before.

Tip 6: Use Random Email Generator to Give the Appearance of Owning a .EDU Domain

When posting comments, we've found much greater success rates when "pretending" to have a .EDU domain email address. Simply make up a domain name off the top of your head ( and SB will generate thousands of emails pretending to be from this domain ([email protected])

Tip 7: Ditch Spun Comments

Remember that thousands upon thousands of SB users use the same spun comment files for their blasts. We recommend you either create your own cleverly spun comments, or simply invest the time into writing one very broad comment (that can apply to all the sites you're posting to) and use the same comment for every posting. So your "Emails" file will contain many entries, but your "Names" file and "Comment" file will contain just one entry each.

Tip 8: Constantly Switch Up Info! Before Every New Posting Session For Higher % Rates

Remember, if you want to maximize your success rates, not only do you need to come up with unique keywords and comments -- you need to remember to change these before every new posting session


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