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Play Traffic Pro 1.0.7 Cracked - Youtube Playlist Marketing
Get More Subscribers & Views With Powerful Playlist Marketing Automation

Be Found For YouTube Keywords & Searches You Could Never Target Any Other Way

Watch The Walkthrough To See How It Works

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Only $1 for the first month. Cancel any time

Create & Publish Playlists On Multiple Channels

Drive Traffic To Your Videos Using Playlists

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Rank for search with Playlists

Playlists are ranked as a part of the You Tube search results and youcan rank for difficult keywords with playlists instead of videos.

[Image: icon2.png]
Makes automation easier

No need to do things manually when automation can make things fast and simple. Right from finding topics, adding videos to publishing playlists, Playtraffic does it all.

[Image: icon3.png]
Work In A Secure Environment

Don’t want to give your YouTube password to your employees? Just connect your channel to Playtraffic and let your employees create playlists without revealing your password.

[Image: icon4.png]
Ease of use

Playtraffic is really simple to use and comes with comprehensive training to make everything clearer.

What Our Existing Users Think

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[Image: photo1.png]
Igor Burban

[Image: quote.png]
Video memes always catch attention and they are a perfect way to get more traffic from a lower number of Facebookfans. Memester makes video memes insanely easy to do. I would highly recommend it to every social marketer. Good product
[Image: quote1.png]
[Image: photo2.png]
Abhi Dwivedi

[Image: quote.png]
Creating memes and video memes is very easy and fast with Memester. I love the ease of using this app and how many memes you can create and share quickly.
[Image: quote1.png]
[Image: photo3.png]
Ankur Shukla

[Image: quote.png]
I like Memester because it gets all three things right - Finding, creating and publishing. I don't have to go out of the app at all. Plus I can schedule a month's memes in one go.
[Image: quote1.png]
Total Automation For YouTube Playlists OnYour Desktop PC
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[Image: pic.png]
Playtraffic is the most powerful Playlists automation system that you’ll set your eyes on.
It will make it easier for you to get traffic via playlists by making everything simple, right from selecting the Playlist topic to helping you find videos that you can put in the playlist and then publishing the Playlists to YouTube to your schedule.
Not just that, the powerful automation and manager lets you auto-create playlists, as well as manage existing playlists on your YouTube channels.
This is the best tool to harness the power of Playlists and make it work for you.
Take a look at Demo Video
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Design Your Way to Optimized, Relevant and Free Traffic

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[Image: pic1.png]
[Image: pic6.png]
Find topics in your niche that you can create playlists on
DIscover videos that you can put in the playlist
[Image: pic6.png]
[Image: pic2.png]
[Image: pic3.png]
[Image: pic6.png]
Add videos from your own channels in the playlists
Create automation that auto-creates playlists
[Image: pic6.png]
[Image: pic4.png]
[Image: pic5.png]
[Image: pic6.png]
Publish playlists instantly or schedule them

Caution : Not Going Pro Is Dangerous For Your Business
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Boost Your Playlist Traffic Without Working For It

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Powerful Features You’ll Find Only In
Playtraffic Pro
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  • Automation - Make Playtraffic create and publish your playlists on hands-free mode. Not even a single click required. You get perfect optimization everyday.
  • Manager - Modify and manage even the existing playlists of any channel. Continuous flux improves the freshness ratio and makes you rank higher.
  • More Campaigns - Get traffic for more channels with support for up to 25 campaigns. Elite had support only for 3.
[Image: product.png]
  • More Channels - With Pro, you can add up to 20 channels. With Elite you only get 5.
  • 3 Licenses - Get 3 license key codes. Run it on your laptop and your 2nd PC.
  • 2 Years Free Upgrade - Stay protected from API changes. 2 Years of free upgrade brings you the latest features always.
See Playtraffic Pro Demo
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[Image: payment2.png]
Get More Traffic From Playlists With Less Effort When You Go Pro
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[Image: service.png]
[Image: shape1.png]
Full Automation Mode
Pro unlocks full automation, so you can just turn it on and Playtraffic will post playlists to your channels without you having to click even a button.
Work less, work smart. Go Pro.
[Image: worth67.png]
Playlist Manager
With playlist manager you can load up the existing playlist on any channel and modify them.
Change videos
Delete videos
Add new videos
Delete playlists
Keep the freshness quotient up always. Get Pro!
[Image: worth67.png]
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[Image: user.png]
[Image: horn.png]
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More Campaigns
As a professional you’ll certainly have more than a couple channels. Make all of them a hit!
With Pro you get support for up to 25 campaigns.
[Image: worth37.png]
More channels per campaign
The secret to powerful playlist marketing is featuring your videos in playlists of multiple channels. With Pro you can add up to 20 channels per Campaign.
[Image: worth37.png]
[Image: shape2.png]
[Image: channel.png]
[Image: key.png]
[Image: shape1.png]
3 License Keys
Want to use Playtraffic on multiple computers? With Pro you don’t have to pay for a second license.
Use it on your PC, your 2nd PC.
[Image: worth67.png]
2 Years Free Upgrade
You know YouTube changes things a lot. When you get Pro, we will give you 2 years of upgrade absolutely free.
All the improvements and fixes that we make in the software along with all new versions come to you absolutely free for a period of 2 years.
[Image: worth67.png]
[Image: shape2.png]
[Image: free.png]

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