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[PREMIUM] Toxi Responsive Skater Shopify Theme
[Image: zJUvtTf.jpg]

If you are looking for a stylish theme for Skateboard, Snowboards, Skaters, Surfboards, etc, to present your product in full screen then this theme is the best bet for your shop. All the features you need are present in this theme and the options are easily customizable.

Toxi Theme changes how you see Shopify & what you can do with it. Toxi makes e-commerce easy.

This elegant and intuitive theme is carefully developed and includes that set of pages, tools and settings that will help you create a professional looking and trustworthy online shop.

Also, Toxi comes with several widgets that will help you improve the user’s perception of your shop. The Theme Options is user-friendly and requires no special knowledge, adding value to a beautifully responsive theme.

Not just responsive. Smart responsive.
Toxi takes your store to a new level of responsiveness. Its cutting-edge architecture optimizes your site for desktops and provides an “app-like” experience on smartphones and tablets. By leveraging Bootstrap’s tools, Toxi dynamically loads responsive content that is appropriate for different users’ browsers. It also displays beautiful off-canvas menus on mobile.

Enhanced Catalog for a unique shopping experience.
Toxi comes with a powerful Layered Navigation sidebar. It is sleek, lightweight and because it’s off-canvas it stays out of the way until needed. The implemented AJAX technology allows filtering and sorting products without page reloading. And with the included Isotope Library, any layout rearrangement like when switching from grid to list or opening the filters pane is gracefully animated. It just seems magical.

Off-Canvas Shopping Cart
Allow your clients to see the products they’ve selected in a glance, with the possibility to add or remove products without being forced to navigate back and forth across the site.

Tailored Quick View
Shoppers love to get a good visual sense of the product before purchasing. Provide a beautiful user experience while driving all eyeballs to the products you’re offering.

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