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NinjaGram Cracked - Instagram Bot
[Image: add_user_female-32.png]Auto-follow Mass follow targeted Instagram users, from any location in Instagram (search results, your feed, another user’s followers, or pictures taken at a particular location (NEW)!)[Image: remove_user_female-32.png]Auto-unfollow Mass unfollow users with various settings, such as only those who don’t follow you back or only users followed more than X days ago.[Image: filled_like-32.png]Auto-like Mass like thousands of other finely targeted and filtered images on Instagram with the click of a button. Auto-like your own feed, monitor a tag, or images from anywhere in Instagram.[Image: comments-32.png]Auto-comment Automatically leave comments from a preset list on your targeted photos. Spintax allowed![Image: two_hearts-32.png]Superlike feature Target users and like their recent photos (you can specify how many). Extremely effective method to gain more followers.Much more effective than just liking a single photo![Image: add_user_female-32.png]Auto-accept requestsIf your account is set to private, then your follow requests can accumulate drastically. With NinjaGram you can automatically accept all your pending follower requests in one go![Image: groups-32.png]Targeting filters Filter users by number of followers, followings or posts. Filter pictures by number of likes and age (NEW!).[Image: pin-32.png]Monitoring Monitor a tag or location search and automatically like new pictures or follow users immediately. This ensures you are targeting only active users![Image: invite-32.png]Location search Automatically like pictures taken at a certain location, or follow users posting from a location.[Image: two_hearts-32.png]Image resizer NinjaGram includes a general purpose image resizer. Resize any image(s) to custom dimensions for posting on Instagram or anywhere else![Image: app_shield-32.png]Account protection Use a random time delay setting as well as “breaks” at intervals to stay under the radar and avoid getting flagged for spamming.[Image: hide-32.png]Proxy support Although not strictly necessary, you can hide your IP if you feel the need. Private proxies are also supported.[Image: todo_list-32.png]Blacklist/whitelist Avoid unfollowing your own known friends, or following, commenting, etc. certain people you would like to avoid.[Image: export-32.png]Import/Export ID's Have a third-party list of users you want to follow? No problem! You can also export the usernames or photo ID’s to a text file to process elsewhere.[Image: online_support-32.png]Top notch support We strive to answer all messages within 24 hours (weekdays) and deliver regular updates to keep the software running bug-free.[Image: todo_list-32.png]Multiple accounts Perform all these actions on one account, or use multiple accounts simultaneously.
[Image: screenshotng1.PNG]Main window - expanded with the browser visible
[Image: screenshotng2.PNG]Main window - collapsed mode
[Image: screenshotng3.PNG]Auto-unfollow example settings
[Image: screenshotng4.PNG]General settings
[Image: screenshotng5.PNG]Filter settings
[Image: screenshotng6.PNG]Time delay settings

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