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Neural Networks 999Dice Bot
It is a copy paste from my own thread in another forum just to increase viewer of my offer, edit a little bit of the content.


I've build a bot for betting in 999dice site.

I implemented NN agent in the bot to battle the house. The agent's job is to cut the losing streak as short as possible, so the bot can survive when using a basic martingale betting system. The downside of martingale is it will double the bet when lose so it need infinite balance to survive, here is what the agent try to solve.

I've trained the agent in more than 30 million bets, it capable to have just 15 losing streak.

So the recommended balance to use the bot is [15 losing streak + 2 allowance].
Example: if the minimum bet size is 1 satoshi then the recommended balance is 131071 satoshi.
[Image: HnacgnQ.png]

I've run it in live system in 999dice site for +30k bets and the longest losing streak i get is 13.
Here is the currently running bot statistic: as you can see it has 10 losing streak in +10k bets.
[Image: Hnadeks.png]

You can try the free bot in no limited time but you can only use it for dogecoin and with only 1 satoshi minimum bet size.
[Image: HnadyDq.png]

Note: when you stop the bet by clicking the stop button, you need to close the bot too before you start betting again, as the brain of the agent need a fresh environment to analyze. if not then the bot will not work as normal.

Bot made by ubotstudio is a non friendly memory eater so i use firemin to control it.
Just browse the app you want to control, and to add the more app use extended button.
Here is my firemin configuration.
[Image: HnagZKP.png][Image: Hnah6t6.png]

Download free version:
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