Mine Crypto On Your Smartphone

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Mine Pi Cryptocurrency on your smartphone without draining the battery or utilizing data. Yes, it’s mainly developed for everyday people and their smartphone.

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WHAT is Pi?
Pi is a new digital cryptocurrency that you can mine using your mobile phone. It was launched on so-called Pi day — March 14, 2019, i.e. 3.14.2019 and is developed by a team of Stanford graduates to provide general people greater access to cryptocurrency which is a work in progress right now and the Pi doesn’t have a value yet. So is it worth giving a chance? Let’s dive deep.

Mining any cryptocurrency is hard and this is the time when you can get started with mining Pi on your phone, which is currently worthless as similar to Bitcoin back in 2008 but we know, what happened in next few years.

Quote:You can start earning Pi cryptocurrency on your phone (Android/iOS) and join by following this 
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 and use the invitation code “AIVRKAHFI”. You can join the network only using any invitation code as the circles need to be secured by trusted members of the network.
Let me tell you one important thing, Pi is the only cryptocurrency that can be mined on a smartphone without draining your battery or using up enormous data. Yes, you read it right.

WHY Invitation?
As this cryptocurrency is not listed on any exchange platforms yet and is in the development phase, you cannot buy it or exchange it from somewhere, but you need to be invited from one of the members of the network to be enabled to join the network that makes the global trust graph more secure. The only way to join the network is to use this 
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 and get connected to the network by installing the app on your phone and use the invitation code “AIVRKAHFI”. You can sign up using your contact or Facebook account only.
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