MicroSocial 22.28 Cracked (Autland Suite) Social Marketing Software

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Use Microsocial to increase your productivity on any Social Network

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fully automated facebook
Create good profiles, and make everything work for you automatically
Bulk posts, unlimited shares, automatic comments, bulk replies, messages, groups pages... everything!
Program 01 - Facebook Post Groups
This program posts in bulk, in Groups every day. Post is created as you wish, with link and/or image... Use a personal profile to post. The profile must already be part of the groups (we have a program for that)
It accepts a schedule with a start and stop time, it accepts that you select only the groups you want for a particular post, thus dividing the schedules as you wish
Then just separate the groups, and make the schedule you want.
- Start date and time.
- Date and time to stop
- Multiple messages
- Tag friends in posts
- Rotate tagged friends
- Place image
- Place Link
- Set the time between posts
- Create multiple schedules
Program 02 - Facebook Post Discussion Groups
There are hundreds of sales groups where posts are authorized by an administrator.
However, in the same groups there is the Discussion tab , where most conversations take place, and in more than 80% of the groups this tab is not moderated. Why not take advantage and post it?
Program 03 - Facebook Add Users
You have extracted a list of profiles. From groups, comments, pages, reactions or any other location with our software, you can now create specific profiles. Only with people you extracted. This program imports a list of profiles and makes the friend request, so if you have a list of doctors, you will only have medical friends in this profile and you can direct everything you do to the interest of doctors. It's an example, if you don't understand I can help you with the video below
Program 04 - Facebook Multi Messenger
This program sends mass messages, uses a personal profile to send messages, sends it to friends or who is not your friend, starts or stops as you give the command on the computer, makes routing (profile change) according to your schedule
Routing messages (accepting multiple messages), accepting images and links
Program 05 - Facebook Auto Sales
How about posting in bulk in more than 2,000 groups a day?
With this program it is possible to do this, the more postage, the more postage, the more sales, isn't it?
Program 06 - Facebook Profile Management
On several occasions we will show that the more profiles, the better you can manage all your media, in addition to dividing by profile type or interest. But for that you need to manage these profiles, make posts, give likes and everything else that a normal human would do, but luckily we have Facebook Profile Management, which will do all this for you, improving your relationship with your friends and staying more time connected, transforming a great profile to do Marketing
Programa 07 - Facebook Add Groups
There are thousands of Groups interested in your product, service or what you have to offer, you can search for keywords, but asking to participate in each one of them is a boring, time-consuming job and if you do it manually will be inefficient. For this reason, Add Groups does a search for keywords and asks to participate in all of them, so the next step is to post in bulk and reach all the people who are really interested in what you have to offer.
Program 08 - Facebook Unfollow Groups
Join all the groups that you participate and stop participating, this makes your Facebook completely clean in the groups part, and you can test your media in another type of group. For example, you participate in car buying and selling groups, but you want to change this profile to buy and sell real estate.
Program 09 - Facebook Share Posts
This program shares posts through the Profile in Groups. A lot of people prefer to share rather than post, so we created the FSP. Use a personal profile with posts to share. You need to join the Groups first (we have a program for that)
It starts or stops as you give the command on the computer. Share any type of message
Program 10 - Facebook Share Links
What if you could share in as many Groups as possible the link of your post from your timeline or from anywhere on Facebook? Increasing your view, increasing comments, likes and reactions. Now you can.
Program 11 - Facebook Invite to Like Reações
This program invites people who have reacted to posts on your page and haven't liked them yet, to like your page
We believe that if someone reacted to your posts, then they are the right person for you to interact and turn into client and its follower Starts or stops as you give the command on the computer. Works with your profiles and your pages
Program 12 - Facebook Post Profiles
This program makes posts on your friends' timeline, in a very simple account, if you have 1,000 friends, and your friends have the same average number of friends who follow them, then with a post on each profile from your friends you will be able to reach 1 million people, It is obvious that Facebook will not let you do all these posts in one day, but a program like this can efficiently do what a human will never be able to do.
Program 13 - Facebook Post Comments
With this program you can comment on ALL POSTS on a page or a group. If you want to deliver your message and really want to be seen, then the ideal program for that is Face Post Comments. Manually you can never do this efficiently, day and night, continuously without getting tired. We create always thinking about reaching your client or bringing the Leads you need
Program 14 - Facebook Comments Inbox Reply
You access a post and have thousands of comments. Have you ever thought about answering all of them, by message? Reaching out to each of the people who interacted with the post? There is definitely nothing like this program. You will be able to reach each of the people who commented on the post Simple, practical and efficient
Program 15 - Facebook Comment Extractor
Extracts ids of people who have commented on a post. So you can invite to groups, pages, add as a friend, send messages, tag in posts and various marketing actions that our programs do.

Program 16 - Facebook Post UP
Comment UP on posts so that they appear at the top of the groups where they were posted, and you don't have to post everything again.
Program 17 - Facebook Hunter Posts
The percentage of emails and phones that are available for extraction is less than 3%, so we have no interest in removing this data from profiles. However, in buying and selling groups, thousands of users leave their numbers and emails for immediate interaction, for that we created a program that tracks thousands of posts, in the groups, profiles or pages that you want and assembles your fully customized list to send Whatsapp, SMS, emails or direct contact with the prospects you are interested in.
Program 18 - Facebook Groups Add Members
With the changes in the system of adding members to groups and inviting people to like your Facebook pages, it has become much more difficult to have thousands of people in your groups or pages. For both we have solutions, in the case of Groups Facebook Add Members invites thousands of people to your Groups, you can have specific groups with the people you really want, and not groups with a lot of profiles without the slightest interest in their publications or the subject you want to discuss.
Program 19 - Facebook Reaction Extractor
Extracts ids from people who reacted to a post. So you can invite to groups, pages, add as a friend, send messages, tag in posts and various marketing actions that our programs do.
Program 20 - Facebook Friend Extractor
Extracts Friend ids from any user (that is visible). So you can invite to groups, pages, add as a friend, send messages, tag in posts and various marketing actions that our programs do.
Program 21 - Page Likes Extractor
Extracts ids from people who have liked a page. So you can invite to groups, pages, add as a friend, send messages, tag in posts and various marketing actions that our programs do.
Program 22 - Group Member Extractor
Extracts ids from people who are members of a group. So you can invite to groups, pages, add as a friend, send messages, tag in posts and various marketing actions that our programs do.
Program 23 - Facebook Invite to Like
Sending an invitation to like your pages is efficient, yes, even if very few people heal. But to do this in bulk and with a program that is much simpler and easier, just configure and let it work. Much easier and simpler than doing this manually isn't it?
Programa 24 - Facebook Auto Responder Comments
One of my favorites (Eleandro). The efficiency of responding to ALL COMMENTS on a post has proven to be more efficient every day. All the people who comment on a post, in some way, have a direct relationship with the subject, the image, the advertisement or even the person who made the post. Why not REPLY to all comments on this particular post? Why not reach out directly to whom you need to reach?

Unlimited and Bulk Messaging
Use Telegram automatically and efficiently
Did you know that the message open rate is over 80%, and that only Telegram allows you to create supergroups with hundreds of users?
35 - Software - Telegram Mass Messages
At the request of several of our customers we started managing and automating Instagram in 2020, our program sends mass messages, with options to increase productivity by avoiding blocks.
Automatic List Import
50,000 entries from your region FREE
Extracting Lists Free (from your telegram)
- Software - Messages for Group Members
How about sending bulk messages to Telegram group members?
Our program
-accesses the group
-selects a person
-opens in pv and sends your message
-one by one until you send it to all the members that appear in the group
Get in touch and understand how you can Mass Media on Telegram using group members!
- Software - Telegram Groups Hunter
It extracts groups on Google, using keywords, in this way you can choose the groups that you will participate to send your messages later

38 - Software - Telegram Groups Messenger
Tracks and sends messages within the groups you participate in

Linkedin Automatic Connections
How about doing bulk searches and adding to connections
Also, at the time you place the order, for anyone to be a connection, still send a message and do your marketing before you even have the person in your network.
67 - Linkedim Marketing Plus
Two main actions
1 - Add contacts (connections)
2 - Send Messages

Add Connections
Our robot, does a custom search, and adds each result to your contacts. So, if you are interested in having a certain type of professional in your network, our program will search and create only the connections you want.

Sending Messages
For each added professional, it is possible to send a message when the program is asking for a connection.
In addition to being more personal and professional, you can make your media even before you have this professional in your network

Youtube Subscribers, Likes, Comments
The second largest research system in the world
It is more than clear that Google is the biggest search engine in the world, and many people would kill to be on the first page. But did you know that YouTube is second? How about taking advantage?
YouTube Videos Review

Extract videos and comment in bulk

Use channels created by you to comment

Rotate channels.

The purpose of commenting on other channels is to advertise

The purpose of commenting on your channel is to improve it in YouTube searches

The purpose of putting your site in the comment, is to improve the ranking in Google searches.

41 - YouTube Hunter
From a channel or video search, this program searches channels and videos for contact data, such as telephone and email, extracts this data and assembles a list for you to use in your marketing

42 - YouTube Auto Share
Share videos on multiple social networks, thus increasing the visualization of your videos, can be used in any video of any channel

43 YouTube Live Audience
Adds audience to lives by commenting, liking and subscribing with multi-channel/multi-tabs
YouTube Uploader
Upload videos to multiple channels
Software - YouTube Audience - Comments Manager
Do you have a lot of comments?
Why not answer everyone you want by doing a search like YouTube allows?
Just unanswered
subscribers ... Just unsubscribed...
You decide, the important thing is that you have the best way to access ALL the people who have commented on your videos.
There's nothing like it on the internet.
Software - YouTube Subscribers
Add subscribers to channels, using other channels you've created, each email account allows you to create 100 channels.

47 Software - YouTube Likes Likes
videos, the intention is that when you upload a video to YouTube, use all your channels to like the videos you uploaded

48 Software - YouTube Subscribers comment
Comment on subscriber videos

49 Software - YouTube Comment Reply
Reply to video comments, reply to everything commented on the video you choose...

51 Software - YouTube Views
Adds views to videos, increasing the way youtube treats your channel, thus having even more organic views.
Software - YouTube Auto Subscribe
It extracts channels and subscribes to all of them, imagine taking all your YouTube channels and use some to subscribe to others?

Twitter Auto Followers
We automate Twitter, in several functions
Now the social network of choice for politicians, it can be automated. We create tools to turn your Twitter into a showcase or gateway for your customers.
53 Software Twitter Post Comment
Extract a list of posts, based on your search with any keyword, and comment on all posts with whatever you want.

54 Software - MultiTweet Plus
Based on a keyword, Tweets to Users and/or Hastags and extracts users

55 Software - Twitter Followers
Follow twitter users, based on a keyword you choose.

56 Software - Re-Twiiters
How about taking a twitter, even if it's yours and spreading it across the platform, with the sole intention of being seen, clicked, watched, commented on, liked...

57 Software - Twitter Auto Likes
Likes posts in bulk with the option to retweet the post you liked.

Programs for Google
Google Groups and Google Maps
How about setting up super groups to send bulk email, and Extract data from Google Maps
39 - Google Groups Add Emails
This program solves the problem of adding email lists in Google Groups, when you set up a group in Google Groups it is practically impossible to keep registering emails by email, imagine doing this with 100,000 emails? Our program solves this.

40 - Google Maps Hunter
This program locates by city and keyword, whatever you need, and removes the data registered in Google Maps, such as name, phone number, address, email etc.

Your website on the first page of Google
How about getting out of the background and coming to the front page
Just like outside Google, inside what matters most are the indications, or references.
How about creating the external links that point to your website yourself?
69 - Software - Blogger
Bulk Blogs, automatic content linked directly to your site
All Google is basically made up of referrals.
The more links to your site (referral links) the better you will be positioned.
This program creates BLOGS in Mass, blogs are not even the focus, but all posts that are made on all blogs take the links to your site.
By increasing the links to your site, Google understands its importance, after all it has more links that point
The more referential links, the better the position within Google

70 - Software -Google Maps SEO
Register your company in dozens of places on Google Maps, so you will be found wherever the user is, based on their browser, when you only have a registered location, Google Maps prioritizes and shows you only to those who search in your Region.

71 - Software -TSR Light2
Page Generator, with content and using keywords
Create thousands of pages and upload them to different places on the internet, all directing to your website, have many more references, increase the amount of links, be found easily by google
As with Blogs, the more links to your site, the more relevance it has.
With that in mind, just assemble strong htmls and distribute them all over the internet and just wait for Google to increase your links
Remember: You can monitor the number of links to your site with Google Webmaster Tools
If you want to know how your site against your competitors, use 
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good, massplanner cannot do twitter
lets dig out what we have
will try

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