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[Method] How To Get Twitter Verified
Quote:Step 1

Create a new twitter account, for your honest business. Don't have one? Make a website quickly on weebly or blogger, and your sorted. Next, upload a profile picture, ad change the background to suit your business. Change the bio, and make it look like any other business should. Set the location to something popular and vague, such as London, and the website as your business website you already own, or have just created. Follow real people, and verified people. Make sure you also follow twitter.

Step 2

Add a link, as well as a twitter widget to your website, and I mean the follow button, not the love feed widget. But you can add this as well if you want. Anyway, set these to point to your twitter profile, and click them, to try them out. Is will also let twitter know that you've added it to your official website, so this will earn you brownie points, when it comes to verification.

Step 3

Buy about 2000 REAL, active twitter followers, and start sending some tweets out about your company, and the services you provide. This will allow you to make your profile look official, authentic and real. Make sure you buy from a reputed seller, who you can contact if something goes wrong and guarantees that the followers will stay. I do not reccomend fiverr for this, use an actual original seller, and not some Chinese reseller.

Step 4

Find a couple of good twitter account creators, that take special requests. Shoot them a PM or message, saying that you'd like about 50 twitter account clones made, with slight profile differentiations between them. Make a list of twitter account names you'd like em to use, or they'll just use names like fjfjffj1, kddnfj2, etc. Make sure you choose names like parody accounts generally would, such as 'RealYourName', and 'Y0ur_Name'. The whole trick with this method, is to trick twitter into thinking that a lot of people and parodying your twitter business account, and this is loosing you social media exposure.

Use a twitter mass account manager tool to send tweets to all of these accounts, of course with slight differentiation between them. Try to time it, so that you send a real tweet through the real account, and about an hour later the parody accounts copy you, but put some spammy *spam* links in there somewhere.

Step 5

Add about 45 - 60 twitter followers to each if the fake twitter accounts, you can use whatever you want to do this, as long as the followers are either fake, or have a high unfollow track record. Remember - You want to make these account look as spammy as possible, to make you look better. Send out a load of spammy tweets, with TeamFollowBack, FollowForFollow, and others like these included. This will make the account look even more like a parody account.

Step 6

Follow Verified on twitter, and send them a couple of tweets saying that you have too many parody accounts of your business, and you want them to do something about it. Leave this a few days, they won't reply, then send a support ticket, and have some massive frustrated description of how there are alot of parody accounts of your business, and they are loosing you social media exposure. It might also help to mention that you're business is trying out twitter, and were possibly interested in advertising in the future. Twitter will want to keep you then. Don't worry, they can't hold you to it.

Step 7

Hopefully you will get a reply within the next few weeks, and you will get verified. If you've done the steps above correctly, everything should be fine, and you should be verified.


Make sure you use different proxys for posting to each of the fake twitter accounts, or they'll know they all belong to one person. NEVER login to one of the fake accounts on your normal ip.

Make sure that you use your home ip for the real account, this will make it more authentic, and won't show up as a login from a pubic proxy, and arouse suspicions.

Dont spam any TeamFollowBack tweets, this will make you loose your verified status.

Also, don't spam tweets with *spam*, or Adsense. Or not that often anyway.

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