LinkedOMata Cracked Linkedin Automation Tool 2021

Linkedin Automation Tool Benefits

Aim your reach with the "Best Automation Tool"

With "LinkedIn Automation Software" now you can easily reach out to your potential target customers and clients with just a click of the button. "Automate LinkedIn" processes like connections and messages and reach your online B2B Leads and works both with Regular Account and Sales Navigator account.

"Automate LinkedIn Connections"

Send bulk connection requests with a small introduction to all your major clients in one go. Use features like search panel or sales navigator while connection. This helps you to achieve a LinkedIn connection request acceptance rate of over 50% which is much better than any other B2B leads platform.

"Automate LinkedIn Messages"

"Linkedomata" "Automates LinkedIn messaging" to all your first degree connection to improve your response rate. LinkedOMata smart messaging feature allows you to also include the first name, location, job title and company name of connection you are sending message to. You can automate messaging using Linkedomata by upload LinkedIn URLs or simply list of names or search them directly on LinkedIn Search panel or Sales navigator.

Segment your B2B leads with Automatic Tagging feature

Linkedomata can also automate the process of tagging LinkedIn leads in Sales Navigator. Automatic tagging of LinkedIn leads feature is available with features like connection requests, sending messages or simply while extracting details of users.

Complete Information of LinkedIn 1st, 2nd, 3rd Degree connections

Linkedomata can automate the process of visiting LinkedIn profiles of your target audience from sales navigator or regular search panel. Linkedomata also can get Email Ids of 2nd/3rd degree connections on LinkedIn using Hunter Email API. All the information present on a LinkedIn Page can be extracted using Linkedomata.

Gain better Visibility with "LinkedIn Auto Profile Viewer"

This three step strategy makes relevant people send you connection requests instead of the other way round. It will help Linkedomata users build a strong network of LinkedIn connections by receiving connection requests on LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn Automation tool visits selected list of profiles on their pages so that you show up on their list of Recent Profile Visitors. More than 40% percent of LinkedIn users check their recent visitors and first thing that they see is your designation. So if you are relevant to the people who you have visited then they are likely to send you connection requests. The list of profiles you wish to visit can be selected from the Advance Search panel on LinkedIn or Uploaded directly from an excel.

"Automate LinkedIn Marketing" and Network building by Importing List

If you have a list of names of your potential customers along with their professional details, then Linkedomata can easily search them individually on LinkedIn and send them connection request or simply extract all their details on LinkedIn.

Go one step forward with our "Auto Endorse Feature"

Now vouch for your connections based on their skills with the help of Linkedomata. Automate endorsement with search panel or upload your own list to endorse. Choose from the multiple options of skillset for every lead.

Employ Linkedomata to send all your Greetings

Enjoy the freedom at your hand by sending multiple greetings to your connections. Send birthday wishes, work anniversary wishes or congratulate your connections on new position with this special automation feature.

Automate Linkedin Messaging
Automate Linkedin Messaging
Send mails to selected or complete list of 1st Degree Connections automatically.

Automate Linkedin Connection
Automate Linkedin Connection Request
Automatic Sending of Connection Requests to 2nd and 3rd degree connections with or without a personalised message.

Save LinkedIn Searches
Save LinkedIn Searches
Save, manage and implement multiple search parameters to reach out to your potential audience on LinkedIn Account using this automation tool.

Manage Multiple LinkedIn Accounts
Manage Multiple LinkedIn Accounts
You can manage multiple accounts on LinkedIn just by using a Single LinkedOMata Account. All account details are stored in a secured manner in one LinkedOMata account.

Automate Linkedin Tagging
Automate Linkedin Tagging Connections
Upload linkedin id list of 1st Degree connection and Tag them with click of a button . This feature helps marketeers to do a proper segmentation of their business leads.

Linkedin Connection Details
Linkedin Connection Details
Scrap all the details of connections whether 1st degree, 2nd Degree or 3rd degree based on your selected search parameters.

LinkedOMata Key Features:
  • Manage multiple LinkedIn accounts

  • Automate Add New Connection to 2nd¬†, 3rd¬†degree connections

  • Advance search incorporated with filters.

  • Create and Import Multiple Searches directly into¬†Linkedomata.

  • Automatically fill Search parameters in Linkedin from¬†LinkedOMata.

  • Automate sending Messages to 1st¬†degree connections.

  • Get Top Level Connection Details of your Network Connections.

And other useful features..

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