Is it possible to get traffic easily from SEO in less time?

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Can Anyone please tell me if there is a way to get any kind of traffic whether it is untargetted using seo and other tools, i know almost all basics about seo like on page, off page seo, backlinks but never done that because i have heard it takes a lot of time, i want to get traffic anyhow whether it is untargetted or anything using seo, can anyone please suggest some ideas ?
seo needs patience... if u want fast results, maybe u can do email marketing/instagram/telegram groups
Yes it is possible to get traffic from SEO in less time. It is not mandtaory SEO take stimulated months to gain traffic all depends on your hard work and dedication . It is upto u if u do same work in just 2 months on same work in 5months.
Yes, it is possible. Sometimes it takes only a few days to get SEO traffic, sometimes it takes a few months to get SEO traffic. Most of the things depend on your work, content, and strategy.

I have ranked several websites in a few days, and some in a few months. Everything depend on circumstances.
Get on reddit or similar discussion site, get into a hot room discussing something relevant to your website, and drop your link into the conversation. You can do this on almost every platform, it will get you targeted traffic.
Yes you can do that in short time if you have some knowledge.
Well it will depend of what you do. If you focus in high quality backlinks (not spammy) you will see results more faster.
It takes some time to show results, you may have patience.

Content is king, good keywords and good domain name will help you, also try to get more traffic from Social Media.

If you can afford, you can ask any page to advertise your website and you will get traffic, or asking to be partners.

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