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Insightzilla 5.2.1 Nulled
Phenomenal tools  that help target your Facebook ads more targeted and relevant in a short time!  6,000+  Online Businesses like you  have been used ...


Find potential Facebook ad audiences  for targeting various products and segments of your business market !


Nofi Bayu Darmawan
Trustees at Kampung Marketer, Purbalingga
Assalamu'alaikum ...,
Warm regards to all Facebook Marketers in Indonesia, here I want to share how important the targeting of Facebook ad audiences ...
TARGETING is right ..., being an important point in advertising on Facebook, how not? With the target to make your ad more:
  • Reach more people at a low cost ...
    Why? The more precise the targeting , the more people who take  action on our Facebook ads (CTR), when more and more  results  in Facebook ads performance  , then the reach of advertising will be wider than usual ....
  • Increasing sales conversions because the target is right ...

Now you are not  confused anymore about TARGETING Facebook ads, moreover, you can RISET Targeting with very, very time-saving ...! 

Presenting Specials for You .....

And beforehand if you don't know yet, this tool has been used by 6,000+ Marketers from Indonesia & Malaysia, a number that is not made up and not without a wrong decision if you also join them ..


 Version 5.0 

 More Powerful than the Previous Version


   No Monthly Fees and FREE updates for the next version -> 

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19 Reasons Why Facebook Advertisers Like YouDon't Skip  InsightZilla !

1. You Are No  Longer Confused How to Explore Targeting Facebook Ads Ideas with the Presentation of InsightZilla ....
To promote a product on Facebook, sometimes someone is confused, targeting anything that is segmented with the product being sold, with InsightZilla, we hope you are not confused anymore to find the target audience that is segmented on your product.



2. InsightZilla version 5.0 is present in the Ads Manager, where you create Facebook Ads
Very practical, unlike the previous versions where InsightZilla can only be accessed in Audience Insight, now the InsightZilla button is available when you determine targeting audience during the ad process on Facebook and you can easily do activities for INTEREST Targeting Research.

3. ONCE Click and "BIG DATA" Open ...

Click and Go! No hassle, and tara! There are so many targeting audiences that you are ready to fish for advertising targets ...., whatever your business segment? type things that are easy and GO ...


Search with simple words that you know according to market segmentation, there will be an audience that you can target in the advertisement in a short time.



4. How many data lines do you need, can you see in 1 page ...

The audience that is obtained is very much ..., and you can display as you like on 1 page..., isn't it right?

5. And Don't Worry That We Prepare Sort By Targeting Category ....
What is the target for your type? interests, hobbies, likes, majors during college, lessons at school, places to study / work, work and what to do in the job. .., all complete here related to audience behavior ..



6. And What Are Your Priorities In Audience Selection? You can sort in terms of the amount of Audience from which most targeting ...
How many ideal audiences do you target? You can estimate by looking at the data of the number of potential audience and can sort it from the most starting ..., "the fish is ready to be collected ..."


7. You Can Check Which Is Most Relevant , and Check the Amounts, you can checklist as you wish ...
Maybe you want to be more thorough, check based on the relevance of the name and number of the right audience, just check, check, checklist that you want ...

8. If you want manual research, InsightZilla is equipped with advanced features , namely a fanpage marker that enters INTEREST with a fire icon .
Not only that, you don't need to copy or retype the name of the fanpage you want to research, but just click the fire sign (just copy), then just paste it in an audience insight to continue the research!


No Monthly Fees and FREE updates for the next version -> 

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9. Hmm, this tool is not just keyword based, but based on relevance ... the targeting that appears is not limited to ...
Unlike search engines, the audience that you find ... is also available for relevant audiences ..., prove ...

10 Delicious, can be filtered with the search feature .....
The number of results that appear, you can make sure again by absorbing based on additional keywords ... Smile


11. Want to dig deeper into the "treasure"? Let's Use the Related Page Feature , and Taraaa ....
Expanding relevant audiences that are similar to targeted audiences ... you may not find this feature in other tools ..., enjoy ...
This will make you find a "new world" where potential ad audiences are there ...

"I think this is a SUPERIOR feature that I entered at InsightZilla, with this feature when you only understand / know a little about your market segmentation, you can explore your Audience more widely by analyzing the related pages (pages)."


Nofi Bayu Darmawan

You want to advertise a Holiday Tour package , you will target people who are used to traveling or targeting audiences who are accustomed to using / ordering airlines or related platforms. In this example you only know about AirAsia .
At InsightZilla with the related page feature you find many audiences that can be explored . Like the picture below:
There are other airlines such as Citilink , there are hotels like Fave hotels, There are platforms for hunting tickets / packages with low / discount prices such as Groupon etc. Even if you don't know the details, you can click on that page to be directed to the fanpage (see the arrow on the right side of the page below)


12. Filter based on the RELEVANCE by sorting according to AFFINITY
Sort the relevant fanpage based on the level of relevance ( affinity ) , the more affinity is more relevant to the source interest, in this case INTEREST Merry Riana is very relevant to the audience / likers of fanpage with other business topics, Bong Chandra

13. Finally, it only takes 1 time KLIK to copy your work, both from targeting by keyword and related page ..., Boom!
Just press the targeting-targeting copy that you checklist ..., and it's fine ......


14. REFLECTED FEATURES! Can detect RELEVANT fanpages and enter into INTEREST or NOT ...
Very good feature! If we use Facebook's built-in features, namely Insight Audience, there are no features that are really cool like this!

15. EXPAND feature in the Audience Insight: To see more detail and not cut interest that appears in the Insight Audience
also looks at Category Interest! So that it seems clear that the interest is complete and not just click and choose wrong!

16. As easy as C + Ctrl + V ( Copy Paste ), the data you choose and analyze, immediately enter the Targeting Section of Facebook Ads by taking 1 Second , and Paste ...!
Very Easy and Fast!



17. You can use INTEREST that you research with InsightZilla at any time because there is a SAVE data interest feature!
This makes you back and forth from research!

18. Wide-Insight Features: To generate Interest ideas from Wikipedia, Movie, Books and Domain A Web!
Very, very useful! explore and discover new interests!



19. Features Right Click Analysis of Interest; make it easier when we find a fanpage and want to be analyzed whether it's in interest or not ...
Sometimes we surf the internet to research, look at other people's fanpages, now with this feature right click right we can know that this fanpage is in interest or not!

Do not be shocked when you spend around 67 $  or the equivalent of Rp.900,000, - to get research tools like this overseas there ... not to mention the features that are not as complete as InsightZilla you do not get ..., and you can invest by not spending too much money on this#KaryaAnakBangsa ... 

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