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How to root any Android phone in seconds without having to connect it to a computer -
The validity of the root is one of the best features that you can get within Android phones, but some do not know what the root is from, so we will provide a profile about the root, that the root is the authority that gives you all the permissions to your phone in the sense that you can delete the system applications that do not You can delete it.

 Stop applications that run automatically when taking off or that work when running 
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 data, which drains the battery and makes it drain quickly, the ability to install another platform on your phone and run penetration testing programs and access Wi-Fi points and remove the password in short, you will get a super phone to work to root for your phone

[Image: %25D8%25B9%25D9%2585%25D9%2584%2B%25D8%2...9%2589.PNG]

You can get the root from the 
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 by downloading the King Root program for the Windows version, or through the Android directly, by downloading the King Root program for Android and making an installation, then start and the root is loaded on your phone and the phone closes and opens and now you got the root. 
The authority that the root gives to the Android phone 
  • The ability to access and delete an application even if it is a system application 
  • Keep battery from consuming applications for it 
  • The possibility to install Kali Linux
  • Run network monitoring applications, monitor device resources, and learn about applications that drain the ROM 
  • Amendment to the Android system 
  • Speed up the device and applications and solve the problem of phone irritation 
Steps to get root 
  •  Enter the official website
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  •  Now download the application by clicking on the 
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     system for Android. 

  •  Install the application on your Android phone. If your phone prevents installation of external sources, click on Settings then Applications and allow external sources.
  • Now press start and the root will be loaded to your phone and the phone will start again.
  •  Download the checkroot app or terminal emulator app then type "su" to access the root privilege 
Now that you have root access, you can cancel applications that have no value, such as weather apps, maps, internal optimizer applications, etc. You can turn off applications that run automatically when starting the Android system and conserve the phone's battery. 
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