How I make about 250€/week with Instagram Bots and/or E-Mail Campains

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Hey guys,

today i will shortly explain you guys how i make much much money each day/week trough a simple referral system and Instagram.
You dont need to invest any money! That's the best. Smile


Part 1(with Instagram Bot):
At first we need to download an Instagram bot that can: Follow, Like, Unfollow & DM (here you can download Jarvee, it's the best one)
Secondly we need to setup: Auto Follow and Auto Like

Now sign up at IGRobot and navigate to their Affiliate Program.
You should see your link now, copy it and short it with an URL Shortener like

Setup in Jarvee the auto DM module (for new followers f.e.) and create a message with your link like:
Quote:Hey [USERNAME],
wanna grow your Account fast and organically?
Yes, you want!

Try IGRobot, it's easy to use and everyone can simply grow its account with real followers!


Now every new follower gets this Message automatically. The most of them click on the link and also most of them sign up.

At least: Send an E-Mail to [email protected] that you want to be an affiliate.
-> You'll get unlimited access to this plugin. (So your account wont expire Wink )

Part 2 (E-Mail Campaigns):
Download an E-Mail Scraper (like SerpDigger, its the best in this Case - will also upload it later)
Scrape all E-Mails from Instagram users (which they often put into their bios).
Send all of them a nice E-Mail about IGRobot and its features with your referall link with MailChimp for example.

Im sending currently about 10-25k E-Mails a week. I just re-register on Mailchimp, upload 2k emails and send them with an Template i've created.
Sometimes i also send the campaigns of the past again, sometimes there are people who didnt see this email due to other emails.

Im using this method(s) now for about 1,5 months and im really getting a lot of money. My best week was 350€!

Hope you enjoy this!
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im gonna check this now
thanks for sharing
lets test it
I will have a look thanks.
thanks for your method, cheers!

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