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[Guide]1 Click Cash Bot Guide - Make $1000's
Quote:[Image: nCode.png]Click this bar to view the original image of 640x360px.
[Image: BHT.jpg]
Alright, well ive made a few $k from 1 Click cash bot, and quite a few of you have PM'ed me asking how i did it. So i thought id be nice and share a quick guide to earn you $hundreds or $thousands.

Step 1. Find Zip/Email Submit offers that pay $1-$5 [I recommend Redshock as they have $5 Email/Zip Submits that convert very well]

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Step 2. Buy around 100 Youtube accounts, Or if you dont have cash available, Create them yourself [Time consuming, but worth it!]
Step 3. Go to youtube, and type in something related to the CPA Offer your promoting, e.g i chose the Facebook Email Submit on Redshock Media paying $1 or so per email submit, and typed in youtubes search box 'facebook' and then waited for the popular searches related to that word to come up. Have a look below, I chose Facebook Tricks.
[Image: nCode.png]Click this bar to view the original image of 540x246px.
[Image: fbtrik.png]
Step 4. Now Open up your favourite photoediting software, create a new 640x360 Canvas, and simply grab images from google related to your promotion, in this case, its facebook. And create a nice looking graphics for you video as a layout.See image below. You can download the PSD below the image if you really want to.
[Image: nCode.png]Click this bar to view the original image of 640x360px.
[Image: tiptrx.png]


Step 5. Now we need content, what i did was go to google and type in facebook tricks, and got this

So, now, if your lazy, you will probally incorporate alot of these tips and tricks into one video, But id advise you to not. Just stick to one Tip/Trick per Video Run*.
You will need to spread your information over 8-12 Slides/Graphics, and save them.
* = Video Run, one run of 1 Click cash bot, Creating 500 Videos, and Uploading 500 Videos.

Step 6. Now, you've got everything you need, you need to open 1 Click Cash Bot up.
Stage 1 - Creating Videos
> Add all your images per Trick e.g Chat on Firefox Side bar trick - You should have 12 Seperate graphics/slides containing different information about this on each page
> Choose 'Web' as a size.
> Show image 5 - 15 seconds
> Randomize images checked
> Use audio background [Optional]
> Use watermark - Yes! Create an Arrow Pointing down about 150px x 150px with text above saying 'Look' . Choose bottom-right alignment.
> No. Videos - 500
> Create a new output folder clearly labeled for this
> Now you can press start, and wait for them to be created [Image: smile.png]

Stage 2 - Submission
> If you havent already, Add Decaptcher [optional] and your First YT Account in the settings of the bot.
> Pick your video folder [Where output was in the previous step]
> Title -needs to be like

{Facebook|FB|Face book|Faecbook} {Tricks|Tips|Trips n Tips|Tips and Tricks|Tips & Tricks} that you probally {Never knew|Have Never seen|Never Guessed}etc - But i do suggest you include something in there related to each tip/trick in this case, so its Chat on facebook sidebar or something like that.
> Add your tags [Go to google Keyword tool, Type in your keyword, and arrange by competition, and copy and paste around 25-50 of them.
> Choose the category
> Delay - 0 - 5 secs
> Upload - 100 *Important, Not 500*
> Sites - I only used Youtube, but you can use them all if you wish, althought its alot more work creating more accounts and whatnot.
> Make sure delete after upload is checked!
> Desc - Spin your text in this as well, to make a sentance promoting your CPA offer
e.g {Facebook|FB|face book} are giving away free {Ipads|Ipods|Mac books} if you submit {your details|your email|your zip|your opinion] on {social networks|facebook|their website} on : Your Shortend CPA URL Here
> Now Run the Bot, and wait for it to complete.
> You may have noticed, you only 100 Uploaded, and not the 500, well thats because you need to use another account for the next 100, and then another for the 100 after that, so simply just rinse and repeat this, Until your done with the 500 spread over 5 accounts.
Stage 3 - Repeat
> Start this whole process again with e.g Tip/Trick number 2
> Boost a fwe of your Youtube views with PPC/CPM If you can afford it to speed things along, Or pay someone e.g on Fiverr and other sites to do so. [Optional]

Your Done! Wait a few days, and check your results. Hopefully you should have got a nice ammount of views and cash!

Say thanks if this helped you [Image: smile.png]

P.S There are many ways to add a twist to this, and lots of niches. You also do not have to base the video around the CPA offer, i was just using it as an example. Enjoy.
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