Get 0.2 tokens ($1000 value) for you and 0.2 per refferal- (valid until 31st july)

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Hi friends,

Its simple to earn free tokens:

currently valued 1ETH- 100 Tokens

Estimated price after launch is $1000+

Currently they are providing free tokens 0.2 for you and 0.2 for per refferal until 31st july

Since its 100% free to join why not try it

please join here :
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  (my ref url) you didn't loose anything Smile

Just go to the url and enter your ETH wallet address and you are on.

refer others and earn more till 31st july 2021.
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is it working now
Thank you for sharing valuable resources
best method? :"D Halofell
thank you
(05-24-2022, 05:36 AM)Coolguy87 Wrote:
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thank you

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