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Instagram Automation - Grow your Instagram Account

Using GMT2, you can grow your accounts engagement, followers, and much more! Your whole Instagram online presence can be automated with a few simple clicks. Track your accounts and view live analytics to see how your accounts are performing.

What does GMT2 have to offer?



Our number one priority is the safety and well being of your account. GMT2 emulates the Instagram app, so it is completely undetectable by Instagram. There are also many build-in safety features to prevent your account from getting banned.

Fully customizable

Fully customizable

With GMT2 you can customize your settings to your hearts desire, which is great for advanced targeting. Say you have a very niche target group, you could easily set up GMT2 to only target these users.

Easy to use

Easy to use

GMT2 is very simple to use and straightforward with its clean and simple UI look. New to the Instagram automation game? No problem, since you can download pre-configured settings with a few simple clicks.

Complete automation

Complete automation

Automate every single interaction you can think of ranging from following, commenting and direct messaging to even live streaming! Setup your settings once, and the reset will be handled automatically.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Track how well your targeting sources are performing, check from where your followers are and their gender distribution. See which users have followed you back and what the best time to post is. GMT2 offers tons of analytics and tracking features to optimize your Instagramgame.



Being the cheapest Instagram automation solution, GMT2 is perfect for anyone without any compromises. Unlimited accounts, which means you can use as many accounts as you wish with GMT2.



Automatically search for users are follow them. Using advanced filters, you can specify your target group.


Specify when to unfollow users and whom to unfollow. Easly unfollow users that don't follow you back.


Like the pictures of your followers or the users you follow. Search for posts automatically and like them.


Comment on the pictures of your followers or the users you follow. Search for posts automatically and comment on them.

Direct Messaging

Automatically send DM's to new followers and/or search for users and send them a DM. View and respond to DM's directly from GMT2.

Delete Posts

Keep your feed clean and managable by automatically deleting or archiving your old posts. Keep your engagement high by automatically deleting low performing posts.


Automatically search for posts based on certain search criteria and repost them. Modify their caption or keep the original and mention the author.

Post Scheduling

Schedule posts to automatically be posted at certain time periods on certain days. Tag users and automatically place hashtags as the first comment.

Live Stream

Stream custom videos to your followers and engage with them using the build in chat functionality.


View details day-to-day stats of each account and how they are growing. Generate easy to visualize graphs to track your growth.


Download pre-configured templates that uploaded by other users. 100's of templates available at the click of a button.

Hashtag Generation

Generate hashtags for your posts automatically based on certain keywords.

Track Users

Track every single user you interact with and view when the follow you back or if they unfollow you. Automatically generate graphs to see the best performing targeting sources and modules.


Generate graphs to visualize your follower base, see the best time to post, and more!

Spintax & Emoji

Create dynamic comments/messages using spintax and emoji's.

Embed Browser

Browse all your accounts through the build in browse with proxy support without leaving any footprints.


Easily verify your accounts using the build in option or automatically using a third-party service.


Target that specific niche of your using the wide range of user and post filters available - including gender, follower, following, post, and much more filters.

How does it work?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms now days and because of this it is important to have a strong presence. This is done by interacting with other Instagram users, meaning liking and commenting on their posts or mentioning other users. This can get tiring after a while and that is where GMT2 comes into play. Using our automation solution, you can interact with users automatically without even having to lift a finger.

As a result of your strong online presence, users will feel inclined to check out your profile and/or interact with you back. This is how GMT2 will help you get real followers and engagement.

[Image: account_stats-063ef1f0748ba76297c465b991...ddfc94.png] [Image: graphs_tags-cb2755511bd1df10e77e5d521a91...b0ca33.png] [Image: graphs_followers-10561bffb192bd08e752270...5bedd1.png][Image: scraping_methods-0af1f1a2fae06e3db9d1c6a...8600ba.png] [Image: scraping_filters-09ca99bfb3d36f50d6baf70...f163b4.png] [Image: top_posts-ba83af8b3f79228568569c43e482ae...d1ddd2.jpg]

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