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“Do you need More Money, More Time, More Links, More Data”

I will get to the point, Time is Money. We can’t create more hours in a day, BUT we can Automate Tasksso they take minutes rather than hours so we can get more done. For a limited time i’m offering you the chance to grab My Personal Tool called ScrapeBox. How would you like to…
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The Complete Harvesting Solution!
No more manually looking up URL’s when doing competitor or product research
[Image: 6620e257fc5bc4c38ff989a6e30a6f7b34404422.png]Harvest thousands of URL’s from Google, Yahoo and Bing in seconds! With inbuilt footprints for finding Wordpress and Movable Type blog posts, you can gather lists of links that are highly relevant to your keywords and niche. Great for researching competitors, finding new blogs to comment on, doing product research or even gathering facts and info for your next blog post or article.
Don’t want Wordpress or Movable Type URL’s? No problems, you can enter your own custom search Footprints and ScrapeBox will store these so you can build up your own Footprint Library for future use. For example you can storesite:.gov and ScrapeBox will search amongst the 242 Million indexed pages on .gov domains that are currently listed in just Google alone. Or you could add site:yourdomain.com to keep track of the amount of pages Search Engines have indexed on your site, or extract those URL’s so you can obtain backlinks to them all to rank and dominate your competition. You can also Import and Export keyword lists as regular .txt files so ScrapeBox makes a great utility to use with other Keyword and Seo Tools. The possibilities are endless!
Custom Trainable Harvester
Easily add your own custom search engines
[Image: 7bf0ba9580228c92cd606241618243b461f1cd41.png]Trainable harvester with 24 different search engines which also comes with the ability to easily add your own search engines to harvest from virtually any site. You can add specific country based search engines, or even create a custom engine for a Wordpress site with a search box to harvest all the post URL’s from the website.
The custom URL harvester even has the ability to harvest and test proxies while it’s harvesting URL’s from the search engines to allow running for long periods in order to harvest millions of URL’s.
You are able to harvest URL’s from search engines such as Lycos, Ask, Blekko, Excite, Rambler, IXQuick, TalkTalk, DogPile, YouTube just to name a few along with the major engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL.
Once your custom engines are trained, you can even export them and share engines with other users or load engine files shared on various webmaster forums.
Multiple, Rotating Proxies!
No more being blocked, for too many automated queries or IP bans!
[Image: 66a2c4edfb824932376e2a2b4c8636c31c1202f2.png]Proxy Support, of course ScrapeBox wouldn't let you go harvesting without it. You can Import, Export or just Paste in proxy lists, tick to use Proxies and ScrapeBox will perform all it's Harvesting, Pinging, Pagerank Checking and Comment Posting operations through proxies so your real IP never encounters the dreaded "Automated Queries" messages we are all familiar with when conducting intensive keyword research. ScrapeBox also supports Private Proxies that require Username and Password authentication, and it also has a built in proxy checker to verify all your proxies are working correctly.
ScrapeBox is also smart, it will randomly rotate the proxies so you don't use a single proxy all the time and it will also ignore dead or non-responsive proxies.
This means you can continue to work uninterrupted, while ScrapeBox handles the complicated tasks silently in the background. Here you can also adjust the number of Threads to run for optimal performance, lower the amount if you are using slow proxies with a bad ping, or raise it up for a direct fiber connection.. You have complete control!
URL Collection, List Management!
No more messing around managing URL lists!
[Image: ad6fa7db6a545a797c63f8c734943510faa96642.png]Convenient list management, you can Import and Export lists then filter out duplicates, which works on email lists also. You can trim your list of subpages down to the root “www.domain.com” version, you can also bulk check the Pagerank of domains and subpages through proxies to prevent being blocked. ScrapeBox will also let you export your URL’s complete with Pagerank, this is great for keeping a record of the Pagerank for every page on your site. When Google updates Pagerank again, you can compare your lists to see which pages have risen.
Found a High Pagerank Blog? You can harvest every page on the blog with the harvester and then check the Pagerank of every page.. This way, you will know the posts that have the highest PR and you can comment on them to receive high quality backlinks!
Ping Mode, Send Referrers and Hits!
Send Hits to Referrer Logs
[Image: bbdda05a404b91f808c244fa217fc75e50c9793e.png]Ping Mode allows you to send referrer hits through proxies and leave your domain as the referrer. This is extremely useful if you want your domain to show up in the referral logs of other sites, the recent visits widgets on sites, artificially increase your traffic to show affiliate programs and many other uses such as drive up “views” on your articles so they appear on most popular lists and receive more exposure.
You can ping a list of sites with as many URL’s as you wish, this all runs through proxies to appear like the target page is receiving traffic from all over the world. This is great for getting exposure, traffic and links!
Auto Comment to Wordpress, Movable Type and BlogEngine!
Blog Commenting at the Press of a Button!
[Image: 73f474a9057c445d898bdcb7c59d8e77aa3336b9.png]Blog Commenting has never been easier, you can make thousands of blog comments in minutes. Have you ever wanted to populate your blog with comments so it appears more popular? Nobody wants to comment on a lifeless blog, so you can add a ton of comments to all your blogs to simulate conversation from real visitors. This is also a great way to get unique content on your pages if you are republishing duplicate articles, or if you are importing Affiliate Data Feeds from places like Ebay and Amazon. As we all know, duplicate content that’s also found on authoritative domains is harder to rank in the search engines and receive traffic to. Now you can mix some unique content in your pages by populating your comments area!
Are you in desperate need of backlinks? The ScrapeBox blog commenter doesn’t just post on your own blogs, you can post comments on your friends Wordpress, Movable Type or BlogEngine blogs at the click of a button. With the Harvester component in ScrapeBox, you can use the built-in search footprints (or your own custom ones) to find thousand of blog posts in Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL that are directly related to your niche and keywords. ScrapeBox can then post to all these blogs at the click of a button. This will help boost your exposure in all the search engines, receive a higher Pagerank and send a flood of traffic to your sites from readers of the thousands of blogs clicking your link in the comments.
New: Also just added in a recent update is "Spinnable" comments and anchor text. You can add multiple comments, plus add replacement tokens to any of the text in your comments. For example, this is a {good|great} feature, ScrapeBox will randomly select "Good" or "Great" when each comment is made, this enables you to write just "one" comment in one of the various article spinning tools and have thousands of unique comments posted by ScrapeBox automatically. You can even do this with your backlink anchor text, to ensure you get maximum diversity in your backlink profile! ScrapeBox is a seriously powerful blog commenting software.
Built in Proxy Verifier!
Proxy List Checking and Filtering
[Image: b3a72a3d822e974d1622315c51f18aa5861255e4.png]
Verify Proxies all in the one tool, if you have a list of proxies and you don’t know if they are Dead or Alive you can easily filter the dead ones leaving you with a fully functioning list.
This feature is ideal for cleaning up large proxy lists found online, so you can start harvesting, pinging and posting quickly. Simply import your list, click Yes for the optional scan and ScrapeBox will check your whole list and automatically filter the dead proxies so you can either export the clean list back out or start harvesting and posting.
ScrapeBox can also harvest proxies from various websites, so you can add the URL’s of your favorite proxy websites and ScrapeBox will visit these and fetch the published proxies, test them for working proxies and save the good proxies. You can even add a custom proxy test, so you can test if proxies are working for FaceBook, Twitter or any other site you choose. So no more wasting time with other third party tools just to verify you have working proxies to use!
Powerful RSS Submissions!
Submit all your RSS Feeds at the Click of a Button!
[Image: fcf0dee921ad76be4a346bfbacb87247ee101bd7.png]ScrapeBox has an RSS Submission module which allows you to send Pings to dozens of RSS Services at the click of a button! Best of all you are not restricted to the places you submit to, never worry about services going "dead" and never be limited by the services you submit to.. It's all fully user editable just by pasting in the Feed Services URL, or deleting a service if they should no longer work in the future. Did you just update your 20 blogs? No problems just add the feed URL for all your blogs, and click the Submit button. ScrapeBox will submit your first blog to the whole list of services, then move on to your second blog and so on submitting them all.. With one click, while you have your morning coffee!
Does matter if you want to submit Blogs, Social Networking Profiles like Digg, your latest Squidoo or HubPage if you have an RSS URL then you can submit the feed to have bots crawling all over your new content and links.
Mass Trackback Poster
50 Trackbacks in 4 Seconds Flat.. Say What?
[Image: 8785a20f3166e338372de7413467f00242bd9cc9.png]Trackbackposting has never been so fast.. and so easy! With ScrapeBox you can post 100's of Trackbacks per minute, it's TOTALLY brutal to blogs! Just click a few buttons and harvest a list of blogs with ScrapeBox's built-in Harvester..
Send them to the Mass TrackBack Poster, load your website backlink file and your Trackback comment then blast away! Not only can you get back links to your sites, you can also drive tons of targeted traffic by having your Trackbacks listed directly under articles on high traffic blogs. Literally steal other blogs traffic!
[Image: 5iZlx0S.png]

Just download and run!

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It's Really working?
tuxman, proud to be a member of Black Hat SEO Forum since Mar 2013.
wow.. best share ever. I hope it works.
Great share!
alexprs, proud to be a member of Black Hat SEO Forum since Aug 2013.
Yes this is a real cracked version. no VmWare or stupid setting up other things, just download and run.
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merci 10000 fois
dagose, proud to be a member of Black Hat SEO Forum since Jul 2013.
thanks,very mach
Wow,been looking for this for so long
sango, proud to be a member of BlackHat SEO Forum since Jan 2013.
may i see..This forum rocks..Thank you!
siteman, proud to be a member of Black Hat SEO Forum since Feb 2013.

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