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[GET] Launch Links - Build Powerful Backlinks
Need a proven strategy to take your STUCK site from Page 10 to Page 1 where it belongs?How to Build Brutally Powerful Backlinks That Leave Google NO CHOICE But To Consider Your Website An AUTHORITY And Rank You Above Your Competition...WITHOUT any guest posting, PBNs or expired domains.
[Image: adam-roy-remote-marketer-sl-intro.png]Attention:  All Marketers and Website OwnersFrom:  Adam Roy
You've built and optimized your website the way everyone told you.You put your keywords here, keywords there, created your “essential pages”...And you have some really great content you're hoping should rank for some good keywords...Great!The next step is to "prime the pump" and get things in motion.It's time to do some Off-Page SEO (link building) and give Google a little “persuasion” to ACTUALLY rank you...… And rank you as highly as possible.So now what?*Crickets... …*If this is where you're at and you'd like to know EXACTLY what you should do next and EXACTLY how to do it...Then keep reading because I'm handing over a strategy guaranteed to make Google fall in love with and reward every website you ever build.
Imagine if you owned a proven, bulletproof, tried and tested backlink campaign...
A strategy that not only gets sites ranked and KEEPS them ranked, but also drives IMMEDIATE traffic right away.You could implement it over and over, the same way every time, nothing changes.An actual “procedure” you can just follow and accomplish the same result each time you apply it.
  • You launch a blog, you run the campaign.
  • You launch a site for a client, you run the campaign.
  • You launch an affiliate site, you run the campaign.
  • You launch an e-commerce store, you run the campaign.
The whole process quickly becomes second nature. The same links, the same sites, the same way.Next thing you know it takes almost no time at all.And it's simple enough you can hand off the task to someone of any skill level to do it for you.Wouldn't that be a game changer for your online business?
If so, then keep reading because you're in exactly the right place.
Here Are The Facts About Backlinks...In 2018 and beyond an effective backlink campaign needs to accomplish 4 things:
  • Establish AUTHORITY
  • Establish LEGITIMACY
  • Drive TRAFFIC
The real secret to great rankings right out of the gate is achieving these 4 things immediately after launching your site.Building links is not a game of numbers like it was in 2015...
It's not about having more links.
It's about the having the right links.
It's about sending the right signals, creating the correct associations and strategically positioning your website as an authority (Even if you aren't one).These “signals” are the FUEL a site needs to rank for its intended keywords.Before I get any further into that, let me introduce myself.
[Image: adam-roy-remote-marketer-sl-intro.png]I'm Adam Roy and SEO has been the backbone of my online and offline businesses for the last 10 years... It's the method of generating traffic and sales I know best.I know it like the back of my hand. Over the years I've helped thousands of people like you use SEO start, build and scale their online and offline businesses.Search engines have been my #1 source of traffic since I got started in late 2007 and that doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon.I've launched multiple full-time offline businesses without spending a cent on paid advertising or any additional traffic generation, my online businesses generate revenue and subscribers every day, the phone is always ringing...And I don't have to lift a finger or monitor ads to make this happen after this is set up.SEO is the only way to fuel any businesses in a TRULY PASSIVE WAY.And despite what the Gurus might be saying, SEO is definitely NOT DEAD.[Image: snovtd2017-11-09_1041-1024x494.png]
Google is still without a doubt the single biggest source of traffic available to you as a marketer...And probably the EASIEST source of traffic to master when you do things the right way.Plus if you actually do things right it's truly long-term, and once it starts it doesn't stop.[Image: snovyr2017-11-09_1041-1024x462.png]
Here's the “truth” about Backlinks and SEO...
See back when SEO became the big 'thing' years ago, search engine algorithms gave a lot of weight to the shear “number” of backlinks a site had as a ranking factor.This made it easy to game the system and rank for any keyword you wanted.Just blast as many links as you possibly could until you outranked your competition and that was it!It was like an SEO GOLD RUSH.And some of that was working for a while... Until finally Google caught on.Naturally this is where the Gurus swoop in with “It's not your fault! SEO is dead – Buy THIS instead!”That's nonsense and simply isn't true.Google alone served over 9.6 BILLION searches by APRIL of this year![Image: 9-6billionqueriesbyaprilgoogle-1024x464.png]
That equates to over 36 billion searches per year as of right now. With that being said, we can agree SEO is alive and well.And it's time for YOU to claim your slice of the pie!The only difference between SEO then and now is this...
It's NOT about having more “links”... It's about having the right strategy.
It's about strategically LEVERAGING “links” to send the precise signals
search engines rely on to rank websites in search results.
And when you create the RIGHT links the RIGHT way...
  • You can actually rank with LESS links than your competition.
  • Your sites get ranked FASTER.
  • It becomes EASIER to rank for your keywords.
  • You can actually rank for MORE keywords.
  • The effects are LONG TERM... Indefinite actually.
[Image: clicks-position-wb-nd.png]Lucky for you, I've already done all the hard work figuring everything out.Through years of trial and error, extensive testing, Google updates, dozens upon dozens of websites and domains, many successes and failures, winning and losing countless first page rankings...I've learned what works and what doesn't when it comes to backlinks......Because I've DONE it.I eliminated all the methods that simply weren't effective and replaced them with only the MOST effective strategies that deliver the absolute most 'bang for your buck'.
  • Without complicated software.
  • Without expensive “SEO” services.
  • Without fancy memberships.
  • Without link swaps or exchanges.
  • Without 'aged domains'.
  • Without elaborate private blog networks.
The result...A simple, repeatable, quick to implement “Launch Campaign” that you can follow immediately after building any site.Today I'm sharing with you the entire strategy in detail, the exact link building campaign, the precise procedures, the entire step by step process I use for every website I launch to PREDICTABLY start seeing rankings AND traffic IMMEDIATELY.
Introducing...Launch Links
[Image: ebook-cover-beach-large-1.png]
Launch Links is a 6-Phase link building strategy designed to drive immediate traffic while virtually forcing search engines to consider your website an authority and rank you above your competition.The are 30+ Modules in the Members area, plus the Core Program 120 page PDF walking you through the whole process. Along with clear checklists and action plans to help you execute everything with precision.Here's What You'll Learn:
  • Learn about Link Scoring and why there is never a “Perfect Score”, only a “High Score”.
  • Detailed data and quotes from my secret source that specifically details how Google's algorithm evaluates backlinks for search rankings.
  • The 3 Secret Ingredients that help make Launch Links an INSANELY effective backlink campaign.
  • The simple trick to make search engines consider your website as an authority in your niche so you rank higher in search results.
  • Where and how to drive immediate waves of free targeted traffic to start feeding Google essential user data about your website. *Most people don't know that how users actually interact with a website AFTER they get there plays a significant roll in that site's Google rankings.*
  • How to set up your website so it builds links on autopilot as traffic starts hitting your site.
  • How to set up and establish the social media profiles to create SOCIAL AFFINITY for your site. What to do, what to post, when to post, etc
  • How to build links and establish LEGITIMACY to help you outrank your competition.
  • What essential links for local businesses and service companies MUST HAVE to establish immediate credibility with Google.
  • Where and how to publish actual content to position your website among the big players in your niche to really set your backlink campaign on fire.
  • And more.
This training will be truly eye opening for many people, if not a complete game changer.Now this isn't your average backlinks course, what you're going to learn could change your entire approach to link building.There will be many 'A HA' moments, I can promise you that.And I'm not going to charge you an arm and a leg for this either... (Not that I have any interest in an extra limb anyway)In fact, you can get access to everything for less than a the cost of a cheap dinner for 2.I recently went through some training from Russell Brunson and one of the biggest questions he had me ask myself was this...How can I provide the absolute most value to people, and change the most lives?The answer is by helping others achieve what I've achieved by sharing what I know best, to the best of my ability with other entrepreneurs, so they can use it to grow their businesses, their clients businesses, sell more of their products, get more leads, close more deals, get more traffic and ultimately become more successful.I've used SEO to passively generate an amount of business and sales that the average person would only dream of, so that is what I've chosen to share with the world.When you invest in this training today you'll have complete access to:
  • Full Access to the Launch Links Member's Area.
  • The Core Launch Links Program PDF - 120 pages.
  • 30+ Value-Packed Training Modules Covering Everything In DETAIL.
  • Plus quick-reference Action Plans and Checklists to Help You Along.
The skills you'll take from this will without a doubt benefit you, and your clients for the rest of time.So, while I can't just give this away... I do want to help as many people as possible so for now, I'm not going to charge the $97 I was originally going to charge.In fact I'm not even going to charge half that.When you order today, you can get everything for just $27 if you act right now.But you need to buy now because this is an EXCLUSIVE OFFER and I will be increasing the price on this offer very soon!Click the button below to order now!
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