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[GET] How to Build Your Own High PR Private Blog Network
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SEO is Alive and More Profitable Than Ever IF, and Only IF You Know What Your Doing!

As any SEO guy will know, the algorithm updates can be harsh. Just about every public blog network on the planet has been hit hard this fall.

You work on a site for years using a strategy that works well at the time, only to have your site blasted into oblivion by some stupid little “penguin 2.whatever”

And it’s because SEO is getting harder. We are no longer in the infancy stage of search anymore, algorythms are becoming more advanced at weeding out the garbage tactics. The Wild West days are slowly coming to an end. The game evolves, just like in any young market, and hence gets tougher to play.

So you go on the forums and hear people say things like “SEO is dead” “I hate Matt Cutts” “Why can’t they leave it alone” and so on.

But to them, SEO really is dead. They wanted some push button scheme to endlessly do the work for them.

They didn’t adapt – but instead gave up their position and packed it in. They decided not to get better.

But you don’t have to be that guy.

We have to get smarter about our strategy.

What Google will always recognize into the foreseeable future, are high authority websites.

So to us, this means we need to create our own. And I mean REAL websites. If it looks like a blog network, it’s no good. Because once you get a manual review from a Google employee, or by some sort of Ray Kurzweil singularity superbot of the future, you will be penalized.

I'll Walk You Through, Step-by-Step How to Rank Sites at Will By Utilizing Your Own Network of High PR Websites. This is the Absolute Day-Job Killer Strategy That Builds 6 Figure Agencies.

Watch me run from A-Z as I setup everything so it looks like a real website. It could not be any more replicable and scalable for you to copy.
And I’m giving it to you Warriors for free.

You’ll watch over the shoulder as I:
  • Show you where to look, and what to look for as I buy high authority domains.
  • How to handle hosting; what type of host to use and why, and how to set it all up.
  • How I’m tracking my blog network sites effectively
  • Getting quality content for the website.
  • Setting up the website’s theme and settings. What to include, modify and delete.
  • Plugins – the “must install” plugins and some really great, but lesser known essentials
  • Putting it all together, setting up your posts and links.
  • The extra boost – how I supercharge the site with Youtube and Facebook
  • Managing the link flow – essential rules of the game. Watch how I stay under the radar and still explode rankings.
Each video will contain a resource list and action plan to assist you in replicating the process.

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