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The Knowledge Graph is built upon entities, which are objects or concepts that can be identified (such as locations, people, feelings and ideas). These marketing email list linked by “edges” that describe the relationship between the two — for example, Harrison Ford’s character name is Han Solo. Google Hummingbird was the first algorithm update that switched the focus from individual keywords to natural language queries, or conversational search. This update marketing email list emphasis on the meaning behind words, rather than the words itself.

After Hummingbird, Google started paying more attention to each word in a query and the relationship between queries — and ranking information that matched the
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  of the search query, as opposed to ranking pages that matched the keywords verbatim. ankBrain was the start of Google using AI to learn and analyse the meaning of words that users enter into a search engine, even if they’re unfamiliar. It better understands the meaning of words and phrases based marketing email list on machine learning algorithms in order to deliver the most relevant results.

More importantly, it’s now considered one of Google’s top 3 ranking factors. BERT, or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, helps Google marketing email list better understand search queries using a state-of-the-art model for natural language processing (i.e. conversational language). This was by far one of the biggest updates in SEO in 2020, with roughly 10% of all search results being affected.

BERT looks at the words that come before and after a word to better understand the context of long or complex search queries. BERT helps truly get to the marketing email list heart of the intent behind a search, and deciphering any ambiguity or nuances in language. Last but not least, we have voice search. Voice search has played a huge role in the rise of semantic search, precisely because the way someone would speak their search query isn’t the same as how they would type them.

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