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What’s Included In The Six Figure Blueprint:

Build A Solid Business!

I’m going to walk you through the entire process of setting up a real legitimate online business. You’re going to learn how to come up with the right name, branding, logo and all the other key elements you need to have in place to be successful.

The Secret Niche!

I’m going to reveal the niche that you need to be targeting in your business. This one niche will make you more profitable than any other niche you could tackle. This one niche has made me over 7-figures in my own business.

My Secrets To Generating Leads On Demand!

I’m going to reveal EVERYTHING I know to generate leads on demand. I have leads rolling in every single day and you will too. We’re going to be able to automate a lot of this process, I’ll set all that up for you too.

My 5-Minute Calling Script!

What if I cold show you how to take a COLD LEAD and close them in 5 minutes on the phone? Well guess what. I CAN DO JUST THAT. When you have my calling script working for you, you can become one of the TOP CLOSERS in the business!

The Secrets To Running A Seven-Figure Sales Pipeline

I have hundreds of leads coming through my pipeline every single day. Over the years I have learned the do’s and dont’s of running your own pipeline. I’ll show you how to stay organized and the ONE thing you need to do each and every day to be profitable in your pipeline.

The Cold Email Sequence
Over the years I have learned to MASTER cold email. The reason why I have appointments all day long is from my cold email sequences. This is something that MOST people struggle with. They don’t know how to engage their prospect, and in return they don’t receive a response. I’ll show you how to MASTER the cold email process and generate as many leads as you want.
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