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Dropshipping - Shopify vs Woocomerce (Wordpress)
Hello guys!

I would like to know which one is better for you and why. I know some people just love how easy shopify it is and just go with it and some people still does prefer wordpress because it's kinda free on almost everything you want to do.

Now, maybe some of you worked with both and just tried and tested which one is "better". I know it just comes down to preferences and laziness maybe but..

I feel like going with wordpress. I've worked in past with wordpress and they have so much themes and plugins that I feel like I can make a better job with wordpress. I know nulled themes and plugins are not recommended in any sort of way, even if it's a dropshipping website but, let's talk like this.

I don't know so much about shopify, just seen that they have few free themes and plugins. To have a really good and optimised store you should purchase a theme and some plugins. As far as I know, there are some nulled themes so that shouldn't be a problem but it remains the plugins.

Now, with wordpress you can go with whatever theme you want + plugins and just go from there. It takes more time to set-up everything. Theme, plugins + payment options. But I guess it's worth the time?

What do you guys think? If you want to go with almost no investition and you want the best, what would you choose? (not talking about the fact that shopify cost some money and for wordpress you need hosting)


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