Claim Bitcoin HEX Now! - Hex Crypto Up 354%

Hex crypto up 354% ! Claim bitcoin HEX now, it’s free for bitcoin holders. Receive an extra 10% Bonus claim 
HEX with this link:
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1. Install MetaMask in browser.
2. Go to
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3. Open your Bitcoin wallet and sign the statement given to you by the claim tool.
4. Paste the signature into the claim page.
5. Click "Submit". DONE!

Note: Your ETH address is your HEX address. You can claim free HEX from your bitcoin balance until day 350 (November 2020)

• You click someone's referral link.
• You claim 1 Bitcoin worth of HEX during on the first day.
• You receive 10,000 HEX * 1.2(speed bonus) * 1.1(be referred bonus) = 13,200 HEX
• The person who referred you gets 13,200 * 20% = 2,640 HEX
• You stake for 365 days
• This gives you 20% extra StakeShares
• If only 1% of coins are staked, you get about 369% plus the extra shares may cut into shorter stakers pay to pay you more. As more coins get staked, your interest % goes down. As more and larger FreeClaims are made, stakers earn more.

Stakers make more HEX the more people that free claim, so spread your referral link so that way people get a 10% bonus. 

The massive payoff, worth about 100x what the interest alone is worth, is the BigPayDay of all the StakingBonuses on day 353. This is where the giant profit is. Stakers get paid by the shares they hold.

Where you started with 13,200 HEX, you now have 66,000 HEX or more. Imagine the gains in HEX multiplied by gains in HEX/USD. This is one possible world of many. Experiment with some profit calculations at

Over $1 billion of BTC has FreeClaimed HEX so far. 24,351 addresses, 162,272 BTC. 77k stakes are active. Average stake length is 1,275 days. Over 50,000 ETH has been transformed into HEX. HEX has been the #1-#3 app by transactions on Ethereum since launch. 7,200 real users in telegram. Richard has 100k followers across YouTube and Twitter. 

Ways to maximize profit:
• Get a great bargain on HEX early on from the Adoption Amplifier (AA) or FreeClaim.
• Get the most shares for the HEX you stake by being early. The StakeSharePrice only goes up.
• Stake longer (Increases shares up to 3x.)
• Stake bigger (Increases shares up to 1.1x.)
• Refer people (earning 20% on top of each person's HEX they receive from AA of FreeClaim.)
• Get people to FreeClaim, driving up adoption and the Virality and CriticalMass bonuses.
• Get people to stake, removing HEX from circulation.
• Get people to buy HEX.

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