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[CPA TUT] Make Money With Parasite Pages
Quote:[b][Image: lajan_klm-1.jpg]

Note: Don't share outside the forum! Sharing this outside the forum will only hurt your money making potential!

Here's another tutorial on how to make money with parasite pages.I will provide a list of sites that this can be implemented on, but first let's talk about how we can find a parasite page. 

Insert "gaming niche name hack" or "watch movie 2018 online" . You will see a list of sites ranking in the first page even some times in the top 3 spots for long tail keywords .Chances are one of these sites is a parasite used for short term ranking that can bring lots of $$$$. 

Example of sites this method works on:

I must clarify that these are the sites I found at the moment and there will be more to find as we move on in the future. Finding parasites is the easy part, knowing how to post on the sites without getting blacklisted is whats difficult. 

[b]Unhidden Content - Enjoy The View![/b]
[b]Let's start with the, this is a wedding planning site. You can simply register multiple amount of times with a account by replacing dots in your account. For example if your email was [email protected]you can register again with [email protected] or [email protected]

Once you have registered it will ask you for groom and bride name. For Groom first name enter your first three keywords, enter whatever you like for last name it won't show in the index url, and for bride first name enter the rest of your keywords left. Ex: Groom First name:go plane Lastname: jacob, Bride First name: hack Last name: samantha. Your index is going to be something like this 
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You can edit index url after creating finishing with choosing the theme and names. The trick with this website is finding and avoiding blacklisted keywords for example if your index page contains the word "download" replace it with "dwonload". You can find out which keywords are blacklisted as it will give you an empty index url.

Let's move to, this one is a bit tricky and requires more work, but has better potential imo.

1. Create a account and make a subreddit.

2. Enter your subreddit and Edit Stlye Sheet.

3. A subbreddit is what we're going to use to make a parasite page we can rank.

3. Go to Subreddit and click edit style sheet, paste this code into your stylesheet

[b]Code:[/b][b]a.remove {

a[href=""] {
position: fixed;
background-color: #fff;
background-image: url(%%YourHackImage%%);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: top center;
top: 0;
left: 0;
width: 100%;
height: 100%;
z-index: 500;
text-indent: -9999px
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 and YourHackImage are the only two things you need to edit. Upload image then replace code.

5. Once this is done simply submit a new text post onto your subreddit. 

6. Title: Go Plane Hack . Description: Make Sure you PASTE the website url you entered in the style sheet code. In our case 
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7. Submit now will have a text post with an image covering your whole subreddit text post. That image is clickable and will simply redirect user to the site you linked. 

8. To get your whole subreddit covered enter 
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 in "Sidebar".

9. Submit your site to index pages to get indexed.

10. The reason for covering the whole page with an image that can redirect to your website is make it harder for competitors to find your username and report you and make it easier for the user to navigate to your website within one click. 

Here's an example of someone that used it perfectly. Niche: Black Panther movie.

[Image: 78db81c7ec07c305ed3677ee0b4b43fb-1.png]

What you get once you click the url.

[Image: 4704844eb7b687370d7cadb820d4bb58-1.png]

What you're supposed to see if you click without editing stylesheet is something like this. Very sluggish and confusing format that might make the user wonder where to click. This is an example of a "text post". Notice the title is where you should be entering your keyword you want to rank for. 

[Image: 003458805edd5f9b116f4ce12bf30524-1.png]

The only negative side to ranking with parasites is the fact that they get shutdown really quickly sometimes depending on the niche due to the fact that multiple people are trying to rank and earn quickly. Here's what I earned for ranking "brawl stars apk download" by using forums for 2 weeks. 

[Image: 96e53f93f91cb8c4a804ac8330846e6c-1.png]

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! You can obviously add CPA offers in the movie player to make it start.
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