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BotChief Editor Developer 4.7.2 Cracked
WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH BOTCHIEF?Anything you do online can be automated with BotChief such as account register, content scraper and article submit etc. It will help you to collect and analyze information, synchronize online accounts, upload and download data, finish any other job that you might do in a web browser, and beyond.

[Image: big_screen.jpg]EASY TO USESimple clicking mouse and drag-dropping commands will create the software you want, you don't need to know any professional programming knowledge.

EXTREMELY SMART AND POWERFULBotChief can not only create automatic web tools quickly, but it can automatically operate desktop programs. It can even simulate real people to register activity in your web page.COMPILE AND SELLWith a simple mouse click, your idea can become an independent piece of software that you can sell directly to customers and businesses. Build a real program that runs without having to buy anything extra and sell it without paying any royalties. The power is in your hands to convince everyone you hired an expensive team of programmers. You can also use our integrated license and auto-update system for your software, everything is ready for you.MAKING MONEY IN MINUTESYou can sell or share your bots on our BotChief Store, and we can help you to promote your products to our huge users, you acn begin to make money by just few simple clicks.
[Image: 7b.png]FUNCTIONSIn BotChief, we have provided enough functions to meet your bot creation requirements and we have also provided some very simple operating methods, such as mouse-clicking and drag-dropping. Listed below are the main functions (there are many other functions not included in the list). And of course, we are constantly adding new functions!Main FunctionsProEliteDeveloperLanguage For Visual Scripting
The visual scripting language can be used to create automated drag-and-drop items[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Fill In Forms Automatically
Complete web-based forms automatically using either pre-defined or random data.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Manipulate Data
User-friendly tables, lists and variables can be used to process advanced data.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Smart Applications
Use "if-then" and conditionals for the creation of smart applications.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Search for it and Save it
You can search for any type of content on a web page and save it, including CSS data, Jvascript and hidden HTML.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Debug
BotChief's integrated debugger can easily and quckly debug your scripting.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Captcha Solving
Integrated third party service allows for remote or manual solving of captchas.
(2Captcha, DeathbyCaptcha and Others Integrated)[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Web Analyzer
Integrated web analyzer can inspect the source code of any website.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Record and Save
Record browser activity and covert it into scripting that can be edited afterwards.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Integrated Regex Building
Integrated Regex builder has common footprints to find addresses, emails etc. allowing you to scrape text.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Basic Set of Commands
Create software using BotChief's basic command set.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Threads
How many threads you can run tasks.MulitiMulitiMulitiCustomize Browser Settings
Customize browser settings fast and easily, like proxy, UserAgent, Header and directory for downloaded file settings etc.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Manage Cookie and Cache
Easy to manage and operate cookie and cache at any time.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Integrate repeated operations in a table to manipulate all data with ease.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Integrate commands into the block to make your template code more concise and easier to understand.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Debug module step by step. It’s easy and fast to find any problem in your module.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Edit customized program interface by using Html page and create unique and powerful bots.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Choose different versions of browser independently and randomly to edit module.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Merge multiple tables to generate a totally new table.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Emailing
Click on links in email bodies automatically, scan them for vital data, plus send and receive.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Pro Commands
Create advanced apps using BotChief's set of pro commands.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Random Content
Use the integrated spinner to create instant random content, or use any of the integrated popular spin APIs.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Manage Csv Files
Manage your data easily by reading and writing text csv files.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Create Your Own Commands
Custom commands can be created and used in all your bots.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]System Bots
Automate your tasks out of the box with our pre-set system bots.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Fixed Run Times
Set a time for your task to run.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Support Network
Get support in easy-to-understand English from our professional team.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Support For SQL
Access, grab and edit data from any SQL, SQLite or MySQL server database.[Image: false.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Elite Commands
Use elite command set to create software.[Image: false.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Socket Level Activity
Direct web page interaction to avoid rendering javascript or images, or you can connect directly through HTTP.[Image: false.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Shell Commands
Use shell commands to open other apps quckly.[Image: false.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Recognize Images
Automatic interaction with Java, Flash etc. using Image Recognition.[Image: false.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Automate Windows
Automate Windows typing and clicking.[Image: false.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Script Compilation
Compile bots to executable files for installation by users who don't have BotChief.[Image: false.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]More advanced functions of browser custom settings, such as custom settings of Screen Resolution.[Image: false.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Image recognition function enables you to find any element on web pages with ease and perform any operation to them.[Image: false.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Record and simulate any mouse click or keyboard input on web pages.[Image: false.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Use mouse to move and click randomly on web pages, to easily bypass bot detecting just as a human.[Image: false.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Use keyboard to fill in anything on web pages, to easily bypass bot detecting just as a human.[Image: false.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Switch-case is used to decide multiple If-then situations at the same time and then perform different operations.[Image: false.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Lock Function
Lock Function is used to lock any desired commands to avoid problems that may occur under situation of multithreading.[Image: false.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Shorten url by using bitly, and services.[Image: false.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Get phone number and verification code by using SMSPva, GetSMSCode and other services, to solve phone verification easily.[Image: false.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Advanced Script Compilation
Script compilation into executable files for installation by anyone, even without BotChief.[Image: false.png][Image: false.png][Image: true.png]White Label Apps
Remove the BotChief branding from your software.[Image: false.png][Image: false.png][Image: true.png]Enhanced UI Editor
Use BotChief's specialized HTML5 ui editor to create custom interfaces.[Image: false.png][Image: false.png][Image: true.png]Comprehensive Install Packages
Create comprehensive install packages that contain everything your customers need.[Image: false.png][Image: false.png][Image: true.png]Auto-Update and Licensing
Use our integrated auto-update and licensing system for your software, allowing you to focus only on selling it![Image: false.png][Image: false.png][Image: true.png]Developer Command Set
Use BotChief's set of developer commands to create your pro software.[Image: false.png][Image: false.png][Image: true.png]Access Botchief Store
Sell your product on to make money in few hours.[Image: false.png][Image: false.png][Image: true.png]Much more functions...
Not listed here.[Image: true.png][Image: true.png][Image: true.png]Main FunctionsProEliteDeveloperSTART NOW
  • $169 ONE TIME FEE
  • The Pro version allows you to run your bots using multi-threads, this will speed up your tasks well.                                                                                    

  • Or 


  • $341 ONE TIME FEE
  • Much more powerful functions will help you to create more powerful software easily.                                                                                                      

  • Or 


  • $399 ONE TIME FEE
  • Using this version, you can not only use all system bots and create your own bots, but also you can compile your bot to a standalone software to share or sell it.

  • Or 


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