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Autland Suite 19.13 - MicroSocial 19.13 Cracked 2019
We automate all social networks,

100% API-independent software 

Our automation is human, we do not depend on any social network

to make our posts and submissions, avoid being an slave to an API

install, configure and let our robots work for you.

After all, what does Autland have to say differently?

Click here and find out.

Integrated actions within Whatsapp
We never use channels

Our mass and marketing Whatsapp solutions range from Scheduling to Scheduling using multiple sim-cards and groups.

Microsocial is the most efficient way to reach your client or future client with efficiency and impact.

Autland.Com is a pioneer, we are the first company to create digital media without using apis or having dependence on any system.

More efficiency, less time, more result.

[Image: v89G2X5.png]
100% Automation within Facebook
Robots simulating humans

Send messages, bulk post in groups or profiles, bulk comment, reply comments, give UP, add users or groups in bulk.

For each of the functions that a human does within Facebook, we have an automation.

If you are still in the "copy and paste" class, or you are a slave to APIS and systems that promise integration, we simulate humans, our bots are impossible to detect.

Invitations and Messages

Luck is when the occasion favors the prepared mind, the Linkedin invitations and messages, arrives in the result of your search directly with your message and / or your request for connection.

Filter, customize and contact directly whom you are interested in.

Your competitor is there, we help you get there more efficiently and faster.

Marketing is yours but the automation is ours.

The fastest growing network in the world
Your direct and localized media

[Image: BJoJ4C3.png]
70% of companies are already on Instagram
30% of users have already bought a product they viewed on Insta
80% of users interact with at least one brand

1,000,000 users visit websites, starting from instagram (per day in Brazil)

70% of Instagram posts are VIEWED!

What are you waiting for?

witter, the favorite network of personalities,  news, politicians

Multi easy to join and have followers
We have prepared software that besides posting
still marks a list of users who are warned!

Twitter is a simple, fast and dynamic media, if you need immediate results and want to notify every person you tagged on your Twitter, our software does this

"Humanize" your company, be in front of your client, use Twitter

(promotional value for the first 100 units)

[Image: Tiy6Q0I.png]

Save your time / Increase your sales / Involve your audience / All with 5 minutes a day+ SMS Online, Whats, Email, Olx, Skype, SEO, Facebook, Wifi com Check-In no Facebook e Extratores 

[Image: 52532b_8f5fde860f7e40dfbaa7e8e15d5e0671~mv2.png]Whatsapp
[Image: 52532b_972debc9540b4d7cace5ec1ffd7d96c3~mv2.png]Instagram
[Image: 52532b_3a96ce43923b47799c8fe67a80d27736~mv2.png]SMS em Massa
[Image: 52532b_e1c66f166384487e923b991d8f0661de~mv2.png]Email Marketing
[Image: 52532b_cd3c7a2a023a4878a40a24b3400b84e4~mv2.webp]Twitter
[Image: 52532b_0aa2273ca3a0442db1793178b7bf93ae~...00_s_2.png]LinkedIn
[Image: 52532b_0e5d6d8dc3e74acf8415fa9583714c3a~...00_s_2.png]Skype
[Image: 52532b_eebaf6ce42c848159a867a328a245669~mv2.webp]YouTube
[Image: 52532b_4e3040cc2f234b94a48677013034fbc8~mv2.webp]OLX
[Image: CPidR1e.jpg]
[Image: 847j64d.png]
[Image: nle7EXS.png]
[Image: cq45NP5.png]
[Image: llHmF6d.png]
[Image: Wod9GVP.png]
[Image: 45XjzsZ.png]
[Image: 67DHDi4.png]
[Image: rcdNitC.png]
[Image: yK4wnlZ.png]
[Image: 8T9iI6T.png]
[Image: aEwSal3.png]
[Image: WO3dDV3.png]
[Image: j44jQpF.png]
[Image: X37ZdIq.png]

In Portuguese language only, CAN NOT MAKE TO ENGLISH

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