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Ama Keyword Generator
[Image: keyword-generator-boxset-1.png]
[Image: curve-red.png]
[Image: kg-screenshot-1-large.png]Uncover the Profitable Keywords!Powerful Windows PC & Mac software that extracts the exact keywords people are searching for right now by using four of the major online eCommerce websites in the world!Need more traffic & sales?Use the Ama Keyword Generator software to get the exact keywords you need for your Amazon product listings to increase your product rank and position in the Amazon search results.Using the right keywords in your marketing as an Amazon seller or affiliate can dramatically increase traffic and product sales!
  • Works on both Mac and Windows PC computers!
  • Uncover hundreds of hidden gold-nugget keywords with thousands of exact-match searches per month, that NOBODY even knows about!
  • Better for finding keywords with zero SEO competition and find more keyword rich domains!
  • Quickly increase product rank by inserting top popular search keywords into your product titles & descriptions!
  • Enter multiple seed keywords to build massive keyword lists of thousands in just minutes!
  • Use the Instant Search feature allowing you to find what you need as you type!
Get Instant Keyword InsightsWe have integrated a feature that displays the Google Insights for each keyword phrase!You simply double-click any keyword and the corresponding Google insights data appears in a built-in browser for quick previewing!We've also integrated the ability to enter multiple seed keywords so you can build larger targeted keyword lists much faster.Plus, we added a new "Instant Search" feature allowing you to instantly filter the results as you type in real-time!In addition, you can now see the "rank" position of each keyword as it appears in Amazon's drop-down keyword suggestion box.Therefore, you can quickly sort your keyword lists by rank and uncover the BEST keyword opportunities on Amazon right now!
[Image: kg-insights.png]
[Image: kg-score.png]Keyword Rank ScoreInstantly see the top performing MOST searched keywords phrases organized by the keyword rank score!This score gives you a scale of how popular the keywords are based on the average keyword position it appears in the given eCommerce search suggestions.Look into the "minds" of your customers by uncovering the exact keywords they search for when buying products on Amazon, eBay, Target, and Walmart!This data cannot be found anywhere else on the internet, not even Google!

I think the dev forgot to update the versioning in the software its shows the past version but the file is dated 23rd so whatever..
[Image: b3SJ5ks.png]

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 Version: ( Feb 23, 2018 )
  • fixed the issue where the google trends were not displaying in the built-in web browser after double-clicking a keyword in the data grid
  • changed the trends window to display always open. Now you can keep double-clicking any keyword and the corresponding trends will appear in the open trends window making it faster to see the keyword trends

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